Nine out of ten guys pursue failure, and that’s actually why

Guys, I saw a comment the other day, he said he always failed with girls, he has been introspecting, pursuing and failing, but he just can’t find the reason.After I had a detailed understanding of his love outlook and the situation when chasing girls, I found that the cause of this failure has always been on him, but he ignored, that is — the starting point is wrong.When he pursues a girl, he always acquiesces that the girl’s status is higher than his, feels that he is a little unworthy of others, and there is a big gap between them, so he frantically wants to make up the gap, and then his behavior leads to the girl’s aversion and rejection, which leads to the breakdown of the relationship.I also believe that a lot of guys will encounter this situation when chasing a girl, so they often care about her, please her, chase her.Every day to her and said good morning good night, let her drink more hot water, and she said she will give her happiness, and often buy gifts, send a red envelope, also let her see your actual action, grasp every chance to show themselves, but really when girls to respond, have become very tight, tense, incoherent, release yourself.Still have the brother to make himself into a wretched male directly, hold a hand, not always in the girl’s hand and eyes to walk back and forth, is to hold up, carefully rub, the woman again much of the good feeling are made by you.I just want to say: guys, zoom in.I also know that brothers love too deeply, even though they know these problems, they still don’t know how to solve them, and they are very tangled, always afraid of causing girls to dislike, so I would like to give brothers a little advice: look at the picture below, use your finger to find me, I have all kinds of detailed analysis about chasing girls for your reference.When you put yourself down below others, you become afraid to express your true self and put on a false mask.Sometimes a girl crosses the line, she touches your bottom line, and you can’t tell, but when she gets more and more brazen, you can’t stand it anymore. Nice guy can’t hold on any longer, and then he gives up.But you know not to know, you such behavior is completely hurt himself, and the girl’s eyes were you focus, you gave up after loss, feel like a victim, and then tell people no longer believe in love, that girl also met cheat philandering the feelings of the man said, the man have no a good thing, the worst is behind of the elder brothers, for no are the two crimes.In addition, you feel that you are not good enough for her, so you want to settle the relationship as soon as possible. Once you settle down, you have earned it and the effort is worth it.So you start to speed up the pace of pursuit, and your change is also felt by the girl, she starts to stress out, also aware of your intentions, what do you think she will do?Promise you?That’s wishful thinking. She’ll just stay away from you and tackle your stressor at its root.So what’s the right starting point?Even if the two of you are equal, and you are excellent, you totally deserve her.When you have this kind of mental state, you will appear in front of girls very relaxing, it doesn’t matter, just playing, laughing, just like two good gay friend, what say what, without cabined feeling, she also will not be unhappy because your mouth gourd ladle, she will think you are really the heart open for her, she will like it, you don’t know, but this time you,I’m sure we all enjoyed the process.When she’s totally hooked on the feeling of being with you, you’re on the path to a relationship.

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