Expect another bad film, did not expect to broadcast 4 days to break 50 million, fans: finally understand the Chinese Odyssey

After so many years, do you still remember the zixia fairy with her shining eyes, and her supreme treasure?Even after 27 years, the classic a Chinese Odyssey is still irreplaceable in the hearts of fans.There have been many directors and big stars over the years to remake this big IP, but all of them failed.The original film, directed by Liu Zhenwei, won the most Disappointing director award at the 8th Golden Broom Awards in 2017 for his 2016 film A Chinese Odyssey 3, which received only 4 points on Douban.This time, Tencent Video launched an online movie, “The Origin of a Chinese Odyssey”, which has not been aired, and many people expect it to be a bad movie again.This is understandable, even for chow’s remake, there is a big risk of rolling over.However, after watching this film, I did not feel that it was bad, on the contrary, I was very moved, and more unexpected surprise is that after watching this film, I finally understand the ins and out of the story of Stephen Chow’s version of a Chinese Odyssey.Moreover, the number of views of the film exceeded 50 million in the first four days, which is very encouraging for an online film.At the beginning of the film, with the soundtrack of Lu Guan Ting’s Love of My Life, it seems as if he is back in his journey to the west.Then the voiceover begins: “In my mind there is always a person who says I can pull out her sword and walk on the colorful clouds to marry her.”It turned out that Supreme Treasure was daydreaming when his father darius slapped a soup spoon on his forehead and woke him up.Uncle Opened a small noodle shop, hoping that his son Zhi Zunbao could inherit the noodle shop and marry a wife for his son, so that his life would be complete.But Supreme Treasure always daydreamed that he was the Monkey King in heaven, dreaming that a girl said she would come to find him, until that day, she did.Purple Xia uses moonlight treasure box to pass through and come, one sword broke the hydrangea of the cow home young lady that supreme honour treasure will catch.Purple xia and green xia share a yuan god, destined to burn out one person, one person, but the person who will burn out is her.Zixia said, since their fate is not good, then change it.She had to find her lamplighter and ask him to draw her sword to change her burnt-out fate.Zixia saw the man’s appearance in the Sky pavilion, so found the supreme treasure, but the supreme treasure struggled not to pull out the sword.Green xia followed, and Purple Xia sword and shadow a fierce fight, robbed the moonlight treasure box.Zixia, who had lost her magic power, was rescued by The Supreme Treasure and cooked a bowl of noodles for her.This bowl of noodles made Zixia feel very disappointed: “My lamplighter has a golden cudgel, how can it become a rolling pin?”Tian Ji Ge ge Lord to come, claimed that the treasure box was purple Xia away, tian Ji Ge no longer exists, he ran out of nine successful force to escape from the whirlpool of time, now just want to find the treasure box, let everything back to original state.Purple Xia, supreme honour treasure and day machine cabinet advocate set foot on the road that seeks treasure box of moonlight together.So far this film’s main characters play, each character has its own characteristics, not only acting online, and people set all stand.The most surprising thing is that the story line of the film is very clear, and the plot clues of “A Chinese Odyssey” can be consistent, some fans said after watching, finally understand “A Chinese Odyssey”.In the 1995 version of “A Chinese Odyssey to the West,” a fairy named Zixia secretly descends to earth in search of her Mr. Right.However, she did not know her lover.How do you find Mr. Right?Zixia carries a purple and gold sword that only her lover and herself can draw.In the desert, Zixia fairy turned around and saw That Zhi Zun Bao had pulled out her purple and gold sword, so she decided that Zhi Zun Bao was her love interest.So there is a section of people who indulge and sigh for the love.So, the question comes, why is Zixia fairy so sure, can pull out this sword is her lover?”The origin of the Journey to the West” the origin of this section of love with Zixia zhizunbao, to explain clearly.The reason why Zixia fairy ran away from The Buddha without hesitation and came to earth to find the right man was because it was destined to be in a previous life.In a previous life, Zixia was about to burn out. She wanted to find her lamplighter and pulled out her sword to change her life. She found the Supreme Treasure, but the supreme Treasure of the human body could not pull out her sword.Zhi Zun bao however because of purple xia and the girl in his dream grow same, and fell in love with Purple Xia.Supreme treasure with Zixia to find the moonlight treasure box on the road, by the roadside fairy fortune teller pull calculate marriage, supreme treasure asked, he and the girl in front of the marriage?The immortal of fortune-telling helped them knot the love predestined relationship of 3 unripe 3 days, after planning 3 days today, they can meet here.Zhunbao later in order to save Zixia, to the human body to lift 13,000 jin of calm sea magic needle, liver and gallbladder all crack, lost his life.Before his death, he said to Zixia: If there is an afterlife, that person must be me, I will pull out your sword, will walk on the colorful clouds, marry you.Zixia finally uses the Moonlight box and goes back to the time when they first met, but this time she chooses to turn away and not recognize him.Green xia is about to burn out purple xia together before Buddha, two wick twisted into a root, their purple sword and blue sword together for one, become purple sword, was chased over the supreme treasure picked up, this time he easily pulled out the sword.At the end of the film, Zixia comes down to a reed field and says, “There is always someone in my mind who can pull out my sword and marry me on the back of colorful clouds.I am Zixia, a lamp wick. I must find him before it burns out.”As guanyin Bodhisattva said in the film: “To know the cause of the past life, the recipient of this life is;To know the fruit of the afterlife, the author of this life is.”Zhi Zunbao and Zixia between the bond of love, from the third before the beginning, “the big Saint Marry” in that touching and thrilling love entanglement, but is the continuation of the leading edge.Is the so-called: life lamp, fetter iii.In this life, to honour treasure chasing purple xia fairy, and purple Xia fairy is looking for her lamplighter Qi Tian great saint.This life, mortal supreme treasure can not pull out the sword of zixia fairy.But he is still willing to, in order to save her, protect her, with the human body wield 13 thousand jin golden cudgel, even if it will cost him his life.Before she fell, he said to her, Go to your lamplighter, he is the one who is bound to you.This life, the love of the supreme treasure and not, is to sacrifice themselves, perfect zixia fairy.After the third, they meet again.The supreme treasure is a heart through back to save bai Jingjing’s supreme treasure, Zixia is looking for the love of the disc silk fairy.Zhi Zunbao easily drew Zixia’s purple sword, but he could not recognize zixia.Zixia fall in love with zhi Zun treasure, and zhi Zun treasure just want to cheat Zixia take back the treasure box of moonlight.Imperceptibly, lie and sincerity twine permeate, supreme Honor treasure’s most famous lie, become sincerity.”Once there was a true love in front of me, I did not cherish, until I lost when I regret, the most painful thing in the world is this.”Supreme treasure in order to save Zixia, must be willing to wear the magic spell, become the Great saint, and become the great saint, he got but love, do not move the heart of the earth.The love of the supreme treasure and not, whether before the third, or after the third, love to the end, is to let go.The love of Zhi Zunbao is a kind of perfection.This film, a supplement to the 1995 version of A Chinese Odyssey, is also a tribute to the classic, to Sing Ye, but also to Uncle Darius.There is a reminiscence shot, which ends with darius smiling.In this way, the creative team paid tribute to Darius and his memory.Subtly, Duncle’s character in the film is also named Duncle.When Darius comes out, the diners greet him by saying, “Hey, Darius.”At that moment, I saw Duncle’s face and voice, as if he was still there.

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