Qiu Yingying looks ordinary, but married to ying Qin, who has a house and a car. Why is she better than fan Shengmei?

In ode to Joy, there is a very thought-provoking scene in which Qiu Yingying and Ying Qin go back home on a date and talk to Fan Shengmei about Ying Qin and say, “He is very kind to me. He has invited me to have several meals and bought me many snacks. Sister Fan, what should I do?”Maybe I should tell him off.Fan Shengmei listened to the sound of a bosom sister said: sounds good, the villagers together have a topic, and the technical man, there are not so many colorful people, people should be quite honest, congratulations, little earthworm.”Don’t congratulate me yet, Sister Fan,” Qiu yingying said. “He is so kind to me. I don’t know how to repay her.Fan Shengmei felt that Ying Qin should be an ordinary Hupiao, but the work is good.Then he said:Small Qiu Ying, you are really, love must be at the wedding to the right, in order to make him respect you more later, must reserve again missish, never can be fast, be sure to take your time, in Shanghai have nothing relationship under him, a woman, or should be more careful, but there are words of hurt feelings, I must say in front,The economic foundation must not be ignored.After listening to Fan’s words, Qiu yingying clapped her hands and said, “That’s right. I didn’t want anything from him, because he looks like a boy before graduation. But I didn’t think he had a car and an apartment under mortgage.”After listening to Qiu Yingying’s words, Fan shengmei did not have a sense of superiority. She looked incredulous.Through the garbage, to the door to ease the heart envy envy hate, also soliloquized to a: 90 after all bought a house, Wang Bai Chuan, Wang Bai Chuan, but also stand, the son can not stand up.The subtext is that Qiu Yingying has found a house and a car, while her Wang Bai Chuan has nothing.Fan Shengmei is much older than Qiu Yingying. She has been working for many years and is beautiful. However, she can only find Wang Bochuan, who has no house and no car.Qiu Yingying, on the other hand, has an average appearance, average ability and average job, but she was able to find a man with an apartment and a car.It does make people jealous.But why did the plain-looking Qiu Yingying marry Ying Qin, while Fan Shengmei finally broke up with Wang Bochuan and became a leftover woman?Part of the reason why Fan Shengmei became a leftover woman was that she was dragged down by her native family. The Fan family not only preferred sons to daughters, but also exploited their daughter, treating her as a cash machine.Whoever marries Fan Shengmei will be responsible for the whole fan family. No man with better conditions would like to offend Fan Shengmei, but Fan Shengmei with worse conditions disdained her.In the original novel, even Wang Bochuan, who professes to love Fan shengmei very much, refused to add Fan’s name to the property certificate when he finally bought the house, fearing that half of his property would be taken away by Fan’s impoverished family.Qiu Yingying was born in an ordinary family in a small county town, and her parents were both working class. However, qiu Yingying was an only child with simple family relationship and her parents were devoted to her.Qiu’s family, though not rich, is much better than the smelly Fan’s, and a woman’s family of origin is also one of the factors that men consider whether they want to marry her.To put it simply, Fan shengmei’s original family is a stumbling block on her marriage road.Two, Qiu Yingying is more practical than FanSheng beauty Qiu Yingying is more practical than FanSheng beauty, from the beginning Qiu Yingying and FanSheng dialogue can know, beautiful Qiu Yingying initially with should be frequently don’t know when he has the room have a car, just think he is honest, good to oneself, is willing to look at contact, which know meaning,I found a potential stock with a house, a car and a good job.On the other hand, Fan Shengmei’s view on mate selection is extremely pragmatic. When she met a civil servant on a blind date before, she asked her if she would like to pay the mortgage together, but She didn’t give a FIG, which shows her high requirements.In fact, except for her beauty, Fan Shengmei has almost no special highlights. Besides, she has a broken family and is not popular in the marriage market. However, she sets high and unrealistic requirements on her husband, and finally succeeds in saving herself.Qiu Yingying is more willing to lower herself on the issue of marriage. When talking about marriage with Ying Qin, Ying Jia Shi looks down on Qiu Yingying, and confronts her with all kinds of harsh words.The average girl may break up because of this, after all, the possibility of a happy marriage without the blessing of her husband’s family is low, and why would she marry into a family that looks down on her?However, Qiu yingying does not care about this and is determined to marry Ying Qin.In the original novel, Qiu yingying asks her parents to make sure ying Qin is coadied, because only if she is coadied well will she be more likely to marry into ying’s family.You can see how much Qiu yingying can lower her profile in her marriage.Obviously, Fan Shengmei cannot do this. Facing the difficulties of Wang Bai Chuan’s mother, fan Shengmei does not try to please wang Bai Chuan. Instead, she chooses to break up with Wang Bai Chuan and finally returns to being single.Although Qiu Yingying succeeded in marrying Ying Qin, it can only be said that she is better than Fan Shengmei in the secular sense.Their views on mate selection and marriage are completely different. It is not right or wrong, but personal choice. After all, happiness is the most important thing.

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