Jianchi: Ten thousand mu of rape flowers are flourishing farmers and tourism integration to boost rural revitalization

Yunshang Enshi report (Jianshi tonglian reporter Xue Rong correspondent Huang Wenling Shi Wanyuan) recently, as the weather gradually warming up, Jianshi County Jingyang town, Changliang town, sanli township and other places of rape have been in full bloom.Looking forward, patchwork of residential buildings with golden rape flowers constitute a beautiful rural picture scroll.Many tourists also “smell” the fragrance, facing the warm sunshine, take selfies, enjoy flowers, play, walk in the “flower sea”, feel the breath of spring.In recent years, Jianshi County highlights local characteristics, gives full play to its resource advantages, organically combines the rape industry with rural tourism and ethnic customs, actively promotes the integrated development of leisure agriculture and agriculture and tourism, and is committed to building a beautiful livable village with beautiful ecology, thriving industry and rich people.Last autumn and winter season, jianshi county sowing rape area of 106718 acres, the implementation of thousands of acres of demonstration pieces of 10, the formation of qingjiang, Press river, Donglong river on both sides, national road, provincial road, railway along the continuous demonstration belt, among them, rape crop rotation pilot area of 15,000 acres, high standard farmland construction area of 30,000 acres, characteristic industrial area of 20,000 acres.

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