Amap publishes real-time congestion information from 224 urban traffic management units

As the Spring Festival travel rush comes to an end, a total of 224 urban traffic management units across The country have released real-time traffic congestion information through Amap, according to data released today by amAP.Learned, on the eve of Spring Festival transportation, Scott intelligent transportation public service platform launched the exchange between the police function, a new upgrade “traffic Live Live”, help authority to the user through godel map APP traffic accurate transmission congestion reasons, passage of advice, information processing progress, the scene photos, etc, to help users to alleviate traffic jam when anxiety.When front-line traffic managers release authoritative information to “Traffic Live”, users can receive timely reminder information about the traffic control scope of the road section when planning routes.In the process of navigation, users will receive different reminders according to the distance if they encounter congested roads.When users are stuck on the road, they can click the bubble on Amap to enter the “Traffic Live”. All users stuck on the road can communicate with each other here. Meanwhile, they can also see the authoritative information and scene photos released by the traffic management authorities in time, so as to enhance the communication between police and civilians and relieve congestion anxiety.By the end of February 16, 224 cities across the country traffic unit innovation travel security service, in the gold map “traffic Live Live” release congestion depth information (including accidents, construction, weather, risk control, road surface, the obstacles such as congestion reasons) more than 150000, the cumulative impact users exceeds 100 million, the cumulative received user “brag” thumb up ten thousand times.In changsha, to strengthen the awareness of traffic incidents, to avoid the traffic jam, traffic police in changsha during the Spring Festival this year with the help of a new communication function between the gold map through effective communication channels, through to the public opinion more traffic incident reason distribution, disposal measures, safety warning, online distribution, reduce congestion drivers impatient mood;Through voice prompt and induced shunting, the hidden danger of accidents and congestion intensification are reduced.Statistics from changsha traffic police show that the number of police calls due to traffic congestion during this year’s Spring Festival travel rush fell 17.8% from the same period last year.Taking Kunming as an example, during the Spring Festival, The Kunming traffic police released a total of 1455 pieces of relevant information through Autonavi. When the event accurately reached the target users in the first time, the Kunming traffic police sent police to deal with 1,328 of them in combination with the actual situation, with a disposal rate of 91.27%.For citizens travelling on congested roads, Kunming traffic police have accumulated 825,000 refined voice alerts through AmAP, so as to facilitate citizens to grasp the road conditions ahead in time. During the Spring Festival in 2022, the driving speed in Kunming will increase by 7.5% compared with that in 2021.Scott map intelligent traffic, said an official with the team related safety and efficient travel without hard traffic management agencies across the country, Scott map is willing to cooperate with more urban traffic management, technology and product capability power rush emergency safeguard, promote the communication between the people and help more scientific and efficient traffic organization work.

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