Love notes

I’ve been thinking about it all night and SUDDENLY I understand why it feels like everything’s changed because OF me whether it’s love or friendship or whatever it is that I lost it and didn’t give me the timeNo chance to regret but I still need to do a review is I on the way you will go under the nails, I have to go barefoot kid you safe and finally make themselves whole body is one of the main injury is hurts you is my negative emotions should not have brought your angry as I reason for you to let me choose don’t trust you also reproached you are youIn your heart you are in my eyes you you of the mouth of the eyes of others I don’t need to know is my inferiority produced negative emotions is my negative emotions to bring you more trouble later I won’t let my negative emotions affect my more won’t let my negative emotions affect your negative emotions will make you become my motivation if can I hope you don’t have even a unhappy daySecond, I’m sorry that I didn’t realize it until now. I hope it’s not too late. I dare not ask for anything

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