Purdue Robot 2022 spring new product launch: a number of new products, directly hit the pain point of the industry

On the afternoon of March 24th, Purdue robot held its spring new product release conference with the theme of “3+X” in Shenzhen.Hundreds of guests from Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places participated in this grand event.In the past year, Purdue Technology has kept on fulfilling its mission and continuously updated its performance.With the sincere solidarity of all purdue comrades-in-arms and the strong support of partners from all walks of life, the company has achieved milestone development.In the warm spring of March, Purdue Technology arrived with four new blockbuster products.At 15:00 PM, Mr. Tao Zhang, founder and CEO of Purdue Technology, delivered a speech, officially kicking off the conference.Mr. Zhang Tao started from the theme of the conference “3+X”, and drew out the three pain points of the commercial distribution robot industry — peak pass problem, whole process automation problem and ground pass problem.”Purdue Technology is not just launching a few new products, but bringing solutions to the entire industry.”Mr. Zhang Tao’s speech made everyone look forward to this press conference.In the lunch or evening peak of the restaurant, we sometimes see the phenomenon of food delivery robots and waiters/customers blocking each other, resulting in low work efficiency, poor experience, which causes the public to question the food delivery robot.Purdue technology debut of the first new product – “Qiao Le send” is a powerful break this doubt.”Qiao Le to send” is purdue technology in order to solve the problem of restaurant peak season distribution to create a new product.By giving “Qiaolesong” walking intention visualization and backward perception ability to establish man-machine traffic rules, the problem of right-of-way coordination between human and robot is solved.When man and machine walk towards each other, “Qiaolesend” shows the driving intention through laser projection or prompts passers-by to block by water ripples, so that passers-by can actively choose their own optimal driving path.In the man-machine in the same direction, “Qiao Le send” is like being installed on the “rearview mirror”, can recognize the rear people, automatically choose the side to avoid.With its powerful perception and computing power, Qiaolesong is able to move and move freely in complex environments, effectively improving rush hour traffic efficiency and customers’ dining experience.”Qiaole delivery” set off the first climax of this conference, it introduced the “traffic light” mechanism in the peak man-machine traffic, defined the rules of the robot person-to-person traffic, will fundamentally solve the problem of peak delivery.Truly realize the automation of the whole process of food delivery waiters will put dishes from the mouth of the food on the robot, the robot delivers dishes to the target table, the waiter or customer takes food from the robot plate, this is the current human-machine cooperation delivery mode.But this is only the middle of the transport process of semi-automatic distribution, how to achieve the whole process of automatic distribution?Mr. Zhang Tao then released the second new product of this conference – A1.A1 is a composite robot specially launched by Purdue Technology to solve the end-to-end automatic delivery problem.It is equipped with a highly adaptable flexible gripper specially designed for catering distribution, and uses PUDU’s self-developed dish recognition technology and visual positioning grab technology to achieve accurate dish recognition and grasp.After taking the food from the outlet, A1 automatically drives to the target table, and the docking accuracy can reach millimeter level.A1 can recognize and perceive the complex table environment, identify the effective placement of dishes on the table, and independently plan the optimal path of the robot arm to complete the final process of dishes on the table.In the operation process of A1, it is equipped with triple fusion sensor systems such as vision detection, infrared detection and electric flow momentum detection to jointly protect man-machine security.”We are the first robotics company in the industry to truly automate the whole process of delivery.The A1 can go from mouth to table without human intervention.”Mr. Zhang Tao summed it up.Traditional wheeled robots are not suitable for terrain such as slopes, steps and so on. How to solve the delivery problem of complex terrain?The answer lies in purdue technology’s four-legged delivery robot product — D1.According to Mr. Zhang Tao, D1 uses almost all self-developed core components, including high-performance joint module, high computing power control board and so on.At the same time, the D1 combined with compliant force-controlled integrated control scheme, can adapt to different terrain, even under the disturbance of external forces, can always ensure the balance of the fuselage during the movement.Finally, the D1 is equipped with a pin-top distribution box that automatically adjusts the pitching attitude to maintain horizontal balance.It can be used for uneven ground, steps, slopes, Bridges and other unique decoration style of the restaurant, can also be applied to office buildings, parks, residential areas, complete the “last three kilometers” distribution.This is Purdue’s first foray into quadruped robotics.As far as the industry is concerned, D1 overcomes the terrain limitation of wheeled robot delivery and makes up for the gap in the field of commercial delivery, which is of far-reaching significance.At the end of the conference, Mr. Zhang Tao unveiled the mystery of the fourth new product.Following the official release of the first cleaning robot CC1 in mid-November 2021, the professional miniature digital floor washer SH1 is also officially launched today.In irregular, uneven ground, cleaning difficulty is often relatively large, cleaning personnel suffer from it.This professional mini digital floor washer SH1 is designed for the restaurant scene with complex environment and irregular floor, providing a flexible cleaning solution.SH1 has 4 cleaning modes, such as standard floor washing, single suction, water brush and single brush. It is equipped with high-speed self-driven double disc brush, which has strong pressure and suction to the ground, and can realize the rapid cleaning of different types of stains.In addition, SH1 adopts modular design, convenient loading and unloading, flexible storage, can be controlled with one hand, can enter 40cm narrow channel and low space below 10cm.At the same time, users can check the usage status and working hours of SH1 through the APP to timely understand the cleaning status, and obtain digital cleaning reports to review historical cleaning tasks.SH1 is another exploration of Purdue technology in the field of cleaning. It is committed to realizing the efficient cleaning state of “clean, easy to use and clear to manage”, promoting the digital upgrading of cleaning industry and creating a new business environment of cleaning.3+X, a brilliant intelligent feast.Purdue Technology has made a resounding declaration with three robot products full of sincerity, which has overcome the “three mountains” of peak-pass problem, whole-process automated distribution problem and ground-pass problem. Meanwhile, SH1 brings infinite imagination to the cleaning industry.In the guests’ mutual praise, the conference ended successfully.Man-machine co-prosperity, continuous innovation and breakthrough as purdue robot 2021 world conference on robot working vice-minister xin guobin in his remarks, “from the vast space to the depths of the sea, from the factory floor to the fields, from the jack to the people of the life, we’re on our way to a harmonious co-prosperity with robot profusion is colorful new world.”Purdue Technology is fortunate to be born in an era of innovation and wisdom, and it is gratifying to see that the Purdue robots are truly creating value for our users across the world.Since then, the Purdue robot family has added four powerful new members, Purdue Technology has also embarked on a new journey.It has always been purdue’s original intention to dig deep into the pain points of the industry, meet the needs of users and benefit mankind with the achievements of robot technology.In the future, Purdue Technology will adhere to innovation, bring more useful robot products to everyone, and promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry based on the height of the industry.

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