The warriors are in trouble!Losing 15 rebounds per game, his healthy return is a key factor

Introduction on the nets, 76 people, a few bucks and the sun of the favourites to win team has been finished before the trade deadline squad reinforcing and trading, the lakers also became a cat on hot bricks to busy trading group, but did not take to chip, and the other have the same title, probability of warriors, as nothing happened before the end of the trade deadline,The warriors also lost their 9-game winning streak to the knicks at the trade deadline. The loss also exposed a profound problem in the interior, which was inferior to the Knicks in the 12th place in the Eastern Conference in terms of offense, defense, rebounding and rim protection.With Randle and Robinson and Utah’s Whiteside swirling inside, making flowing moves and hitting the ball, the Warriors missed Draymond Green so much.The Warriors have never been a center team. From Pachulia and McGee to Rooney and Bielitsa, shooting and defense have been key to winning a small-ball team built around the Splash Brothers, but with the rise of small-ball all-around centers,Warriors inside disadvantage reflect incisively and vividly on the stage in the spotlight, management and understand the problem, of course, so they are in the NBA draft pick by the second wiseman, face the height 2 meters 13 talented big men, the outside world to new heights of the mighty produce infinite daydream, but wiseman performance is far less than people’s expectations for a second,He’s not as good as fellow no. 1 picks In the draft, either Edwards or lamelo Ball.Wiseman rookie season averaging 21 minutes can get 11 points and 5.8 rebounds, 0.7 assists, 0.9 blocks of data, flat, game show ordinary rookie of hesitation and fear, this can not help but make people question to him, and the season due to injury in the central part of the reimbursement more let wiseman is troubled, the new season has been underway for two thirds of the schedule,Wiseman has been slow to return, but general manager Mike Myers said wiseman is close to being able to practice against the team, so there is a good chance he will return this season.Wiseman’s comeback will be able to bring to the team inside the huge help, not to mention how much defense and offense, able to ensure at least a rebound, the warriors lost two games recently, loss to the jazz 17 rebounds, lost to the knicks 13 rebounds, because of a huge disadvantage in rebounding, the warriors to unmanageable.But the Warriors are fifth in rebounding this season, tied with Utah and New York, and why they have been so weak in those games is the absence of draymond Green, golden State’s defensive player of the year.Green absent from Thompson will return before the game, until now, there are about 20 games, although the warriors made it a wave of 9 wins in this period, but a team in a row in the face of most of the paint is not a particularly strong strength, such as the nets, rockets, spurs and so on, the loonie with excellent play to support the warriors,He averaged 13 rebounds in those three games, but the effort failed to beat talent against the taller Robinson and Whiteside as the Warriors lost their second straight game.Green season averaging 30 minutes can get 7.9 points and 7.6 rebounds, 7.6 assists, 1.4 steals comprehensive data of 1.2 blocks per game and named to the all-star cast, warriors without a green, not only the lack of a good hand, also the lack of a good rebounder, cole will be green as a player that can change the game, the fact is, of course, in this way,Even draymond Green, who is only 1.98 meters tall, can still intimidate opponents inside.Warriors now the biggest problem is the wiseman and green health problems and return time, the two regression will greatly enhance the depth of the warrior inside, the warriors will not deliberately to pursue the free market quality center, but did not rule out the chance to will choose, and green wiseman health issues will determine the warriors can walk far in the playoffs,Of course, now the Warriors have a good record, there is a great error tolerance rate, the best way to solve the dilemma is quietly waiting for the return of the two!

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