Top 10 Science Rumors for 2021!I seem to have been cheated…

Which rumor have you believed?The unveiling ceremony of “Praise ·2021 Science Popularization China” was held on the evening of 14th via TV media.Among them, 10 scientific myths, such as “zero sucrose” means no sugar, no thirst and no water, were included in the top 10 scientific myths.The top 10 scientific myths refuted in 2021 are as follows:Rumor 1 “0 sugar is sugar free” rumor 2 with lactoferrin toothpaste can kill helicobacter pylori rumor 3 “three years a pregnant silly rumors” 4 nuclear rumors mosquito not safe to human body weight loss should refuse to eat staple food and oil rumors six fruit vitamin C content is higher, the more acid rumors 7 “can enjoy a coffee” healthy weight loss rumors 8 do not add food additives, food safer rumorsQuantum wave speed reading can improve learning ability, according to China News Editor Hu Miaoshan

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