Xinjiang Power Supply Company: “Two sections” guarantee power supply to complete submission

Yellow River News network Yuncheng On February 16, according to the state grid new Jiang County power supply company control center related statistics, this year’s Spring Festival, Lantern Festival period, the company’s area of power grid operation is stable, successfully complete the “two” during the power supply work.It is understood that the company attaches great importance to the work of “two sections” power supply protection. On the premise of “people’s livelihood and key points”, it makes detailed power protection plans and emergency plans in advance, reasonably arranges power grid operation mode, strengthens power grid operation monitoring and emergency disposal, and fully ensures reliable power supply.In view of the complex weather conditions of rain, snow and cooling during the “Two Festivals”, and the concentrated surge of power load, the company further improved multi-level prevention and control measures such as power supply guarantee measures, accident handling plan, emergency response plan and other emergency response plan, and made preparations for the early stage of the holiday power protection in advance.Organize professional staff to strengthen special inspection, testing and hidden trouble investigation of important power supply lines and substations to ensure that all equipment runs with “zero defect”;Strengthen the contact with government departments, key units, key enterprises, key units, important venues of customer equipment and power supply reliability for special inspection;Strengthen the load monitoring of “electric heating”, carry out door-to-door service for “electric heating” users, ensure reliable power supply during the “two sections”, let the masses rest assured that electricity, warm winter, bright and bright over the traditional festival.[Edit: Zhang Ping]

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