“Brother Wei’s Honey Trap 24” If you give me a wen, I don’t mind calling brother Wei

Preface: This article is written by Mudan Fangzhu. The original article is on the wechat public account – Peony Houhuayuan. You can read the full text there.Welcome to follow.Blue lady was finally persuaded by her husband, decided not to interfere in the puppy love forget the machine.Let a child learn the rules of the adult world and he will grow faster.After a period of observation, she found that Wei Ying was careless and kind-hearted. He seemed to be lazy, but actually he thought about everything for others. He could drive others to do things for him because he was popular, not because he was clever.Also slowly rest assured.It’s getting colder and colder, but I forget.Envy two people’s day is more and more happy.Boys’ thinking is straight, blue forget the mother of Wei Ying praise as a support for his action, every day lei don’t move to Bring lunch to Wei Ying.Every time, Wei Wuxian would stand at the school gate, smiling and waiting for him.It was a two-way street.Obviously send a express, call a takeaway can solve the matter, he prefers to personally deliver.Just to see his romance, to hear his laughter.For a long time, Wei’s female classmates all know that there is a cold and handsome boy every day to send him food, envy.Why can’t I do the beautiful job of delivering food?After a whole semester of such days, Wei Wuxian had a strange feeling about the blue memory machine.The original blue forget machine in his eyes, just a beautiful, shy personality, can not afford to pick.Funny brother;Now the blue forget machine is a more stable than he, than he mature, than his careful age partner.Blue is his third bosom friend and the most special one.The first friend is Jiang Cheng, jiang Cheng’s father Jiang Fengmian and Wei Wuxian’s father Wei Changze are colleagues, the two have been playing together since birth.After his mother died, Little Wei Ying felt sad and lonely. Jiang’s sister, Jiang Yili, often took him to her home, gave him toys to amuse him, and stewed him ribs soup to drink.Wei Wuxian regarded Jiang Cheng as her best friend.The second friend was Nie Huisang.Two people are kindergarten playmates, Nie Huisang timid, always bullied, small Wei Ying is king of children, often for his head.Over time, Nie Huisang became his hardcore younger brother.Willing to run errands for him.The third friend is blue forget machine.Different from the previous two friends, although blue forget machine is also half a year younger than him, but he can rely on a sense of stability, can act in pettigrew comfort.Some things he can’t do to Jiang Cheng, but can do to Lanzhan.Such as Qin face this kind of thing, he did not know how many back to the blue forget machine;Some words he can’t say to Huai Sang, but can say to Lanzhan.Like mom’s secret.Jiang Cheng and Huai Sang, can hand over the back of the hardcore friends;And blue forget the machine, is the belly can be handed over to the friend.Hand over your soft belly…What kind of friend?Wei does not envy suddenly cheek has a fever, dark scold oneself mental derangement.He knew that he should not trouble Blue Cham every day to give him food, but out of a psychological can not say, he did not refuse.I do not know when, he found that the most happy thing every day, not to go to the stadium to play football, but at noon class and so on Lanzhan eat together.Looking at the handsome and cold boy coming towards her, Wei Wuxian could not control her heart throbbing when she heard the booming voice “Wei Ying, it’s time to eat.”Taking the lunch box in LAN’s hand, Wei Wuxian rubbed her eyes.In front of the boy is also the existence of prince Charming, not less than Wei Wuxian.He had the face of an iceberg that had never changed. His skin was very white, and his nose was straight and straight, like a beautiful boy from ancient Greek mythology.His eyes were light in color, and he looked at people with a sword-like sharpness that dared not meet their eyes.But Wei Wuxian never saw sharp, he only saw a tantalizing tenderness.With a wet corner of his eyes, he smiled and reached out to touch the top of his head. “Lanzhan, are you taller than me?”Blue forget machine silent don’t face, “don’t make.”Wei Wuxian: “Even if you are taller than me, you have to call me Brother Wei.I’m older than you.”Blue forget machine: “don’t call.”Wei No envy: “Call!Call and listen, and there’s a reward for that!”Blue forget machine: “what reward?”Wei Without envy complacently way: “ha ha ha ha ha ha, you call again!”He made up his mind to buy A pair of gloves and a scarf for Lancham.Blue Cham winter in the wind and snow to send him food, cold hands red, he is distressed ah.But he could not do it for nothing. He had to wait until Ramcham called him brother.Blue forgot the machine did not answer.I thought to myself: If the reward is your wen, I don’t mind calling you Brother Wei for once.Peony has words: to read the full text of the wechat public number – Peony Back Garden.Plagiarism shall be prosecuted if the article is original.

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