This competitive sport with a market of trillions is always excluded from the Olympic Games

On February 13, tsinghua University and Peking University held a heated debate on whether e-sports should be included in the Olympic Games at the World Mandarin Debate Championships.Although the pro side represented by ‘Tsinghua University’ (e-sports should be in the Olympics) lost 5-0 to the opposing side represented by ‘Peking University’ (e-sports should not be in the Olympics), the result of the debate did not prevent “e-sports should be in the Olympics” becoming a hot topic.In 2018, e-sports emerged as an exhibition competition at the Asian Games. The Chinese League of Heroes team defeated South Korea in the Final to win the Asian Games.Last year, the hangzhou Asian games announced the esports minor program, including league of legends, king of glory (Asian games version), peace elite (Asian games version), hearthstone, dao tower 2, dream three kingdoms 2, street fighter 5 and FIFA Online4, hoping to promote the integration of traditional sports and new sports.Despite the growing importance of esports in today’s sports landscape, the position of esports in sports is still awkward.The International Olympic Committee (IOC), led by Ioc President Thomas Bach, has rejected esports, making it clear that he believes “killing games” is contrary to the Olympic values and should not be accepted in the Olympic spirit.The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has agreed in principle at its 134th session to add breakdancing, skateboarding, rock climbing and surfing to the 2024 Games in Paris, rejecting the popular idea of e-sports.Despite the difficulties of entering the Olympics, esports has developed over the years and does not have to prove itself by entering the Olympics.What is clear is that traditional sports audiences are ageing.According to the American Market Research Corporation, the average age of live sports viewers in the United States has increased significantly.The median age of an NBA viewer is 42;The median age of tennis ATP spectators is 61;The median age of an Olympic viewer is 53;The 18-34 age group accounts for only 15-25 percent of mainstream traditional sports, such as the NBA and The World Cup.On the other hand, according to a report on esports users in China in 2019, the audience aged 16-25 accounts for up to 90%.The average audience per minute (AMA) for last year’s League of Legends global Finals was 30,604,255.As it has boomed in recent years, the global video game market reached $152.1 billion in 2019, more than five times the total revenue of Professional soccer in Europe.In 2018, the total revenue of China’s esports market exceeded 90 billion yuan, accounting for 40 percent of the country’s video game market.More and more capital entry, so that the whole e-sports market has a leap forward, not only standardize the rules of competition, but also greatly improve the treatment of players.The prize money for the DOTA2 ti11 champion will be no less than us $1820 (RMB 110 million) and the total prize money will be over us $40 million (RMB 200 million).The annual income of China’s top esports players can reach millions of yuan, and some anchors even reach tens of millions of yuan.03 e-sports industry perspective, although the e-sports industry has now been accepted by the mainstream, wages are good (top players into the millions, salary + bonus at least years youth player wages generally can reach 20000 or so), more and more parents will be able to make electricity for hand to look at it as a serious business, but there is no denying that e-sports industry still exist certain limitations.(1) The longevity of esports games is unknown. Compared with the longevity of traditional economic sports, the freshness of esports games is short and audiences are easy to get bored.(2) The top players, like other traditional competitions, are also one in ten thousand.The golden age is also relatively short, basically under 24 years old, and it is easy to be unable to keep up with the long time and high intensity competition after age growth, and the employment prospects will be limited after retirement.(3) According to the big Data Report on Employment of Middle and High-end Talents in the E-sports Field in 2021, the average annual salary of high-end talents is 216,000 yuan, but another survey by the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau shows that the lowest monthly salary is also 1,500 yuan, and 40% of practitioners earn less than the local average salary.Therefore, if ordinary people are not gifted, they should not easily give up their studies and choose this niche career. 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