+ 11.2 w!New anti-epidemic law again!Mattarella’s inaugural speech won 55 applause!Said an Italian girl attending the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics

Italy reported 112,691 new confirmed cases and 414 deaths on February 3.A total of 1,1348,701 confirmed cases were reported, 147,734 people died and 8,872,737 were cured.Lombardia: +14.989Veneto: +11.092Emilia Romagna: +12.012Campania: +10.178Lazio:Liguria: +3.177 Friuli-venezia Giulia: +3.149Marche:Abruzzo: +2.756Calabria: +2.215 p.abolzano: +1.486Umbria: +1.672Sardegna: +1.564 p.atrento: +1.363Basilicata:Italian president Sergio Mattarella took the oath of office for a second term this afternoon as a tricolor Arrow acrobatic team flew over Rome and a 21-gun salute rang out over Mount Giannicolo.• Italian President Mattarella took the oath of office this afternoon in Rome, italia Today.com, Corriere Della Sera and Tgcom24 reported.President Mattarella went to the House of Representatives to be sworn in for a second term.”This is a new and unexpected calling of responsibility for me, yet I cannot and do not intend to shirk it.”Mattarella said at the beginning of his inaugural address.His inaugural address lasted about 40 minutes, punctuated by bursts of applause from the House chamber.According to the statistics of Italian media, his speech received 55 applause times, and the applause lasted more than 3 minutes after the speech.Mattarella then paid his respects at the Monument to the Unknown Soldier at the Altar of the Fatherland in Piazza Venezia.On the other side of the Italian presidential palace website, the leader of the League Party, Mario Salvini, who was due to take part in the presidential swearing-in ceremony, has been confirmed to be infected with the Novel Coronavirus virus in a routine test, but he does not show any symptoms.Later, he posted on social media: “To the 10 million Italians who have been infected and cured, today I join you!”Yesterday afternoon, the Prime Minister’s office held a cabinet meeting to enact and approve a new quarantine decree.The following is the main content of the law — offline teaching activities should be suspended in kindergartens and nurseries after 5 cases of infection are found in the class;If there are less than 5 infected cases in primary schools, offline classes should be maintained, and all teachers and students (over 6 years old) should use FFP2 masks within 10 days.If there are five or more infected cases, those who have received two doses of vaccine and recovered from the infection within 120 days, and those who have received booster shots, should stay in offline courses and use FFP2 masks within 10 days.Others should take 5 antenna courses.If an infected person is found in a middle school class, teachers and students should use FFP2 masks for offline lessons.If the number of infected people reaches two, those who have received the “booster shot” within 120 days of completing the two doses of vaccine and infection recovery should stay in offline courses and wear FFP2 masks within 10 days.Others should take 5 antenna courses.- “Green Pass” for completing three doses of vaccine, or “Green Pass” for completing two doses of vaccine and curing infection at the same time, will be valid for a long time.Foreign visitors to Italy who have completed two doses of vaccine for more than six months will need to be tested for the virus to upgrade their proof of vaccination to “Super Green pass” (rapid test valid for 48 hours, nucleic acid test for 72 hours).Super Green Pass holders will be exempt from red zone restrictions.In addition, the ban on outdoor face masks may be lifted from Feb 11.All regions of the European Union have become “deep red”, according to today’s updated COLOUR map of the epidemic by the European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention.The European Commission has plans to extend the “green pass” policy until June 30, 2023, but countries will still be able to decide the rules for its use.The French Health ministry said the “vaccine pass” is expected to be phased out this summer.Italian media said that Italy is also likely to take a similar measure, that is, to cancel the “green Pass” in the summer, given the similarities between the two countries.Meanwhile, the list of EU countries opting to ease restrictions further continues to grow: Norway has lifted most of its restrictions, following Denmark, France and Spain.According to who, Europe is likely to enter a long period of calm due to high vaccination rates, the relatively mild omicron variant, and the end of winter.But the WHO stressed that it was not the end of everything, that the lull was more like a “truce” and that peace should be achieved through continued vaccination and immunity.• Italian girl at Beijing Winter Olympics opening ceremony: The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will open tomorrow.Helena Sambucini, a freshman at tsinghua University’s Academy of Fine Arts and an Italian student, will volunteer at the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in the Bird’s Nest.She had been preparing for this moment for three months.Ansa news agency and Corriere Della Sera reported that Helena’s mother is Chinese and her father is from Umbria.”I think participating in the show gave me a better understanding of Chinese aesthetics.”When Beijing hosted the Summer Olympics in 2008, Helena was too young to know much about Chinese culture.Nowadays, Chinese culture has attracted the attention of more and more foreigners, including Helena.”More and more people love Chinese culture,” she says.I believe the Beijing Winter Olympics with Chinese elements will win the hearts of the whole world.”Xinhua News Agency “I was chosen on the recommendation of my teacher.This is my first time participating as a volunteer in an event of this scale.”She explained that her performance is only one minute long, but everyone has prepared for three months and rehearsed many times to present the best performance at the opening ceremony.She is excited and proud of the upcoming opening performance, but also feels the responsibility on her shoulders: “The mistake of any one person can ruin the whole performance.”In fact, Helena, who grew up in Guangzhou, rarely had the chance to see snow. “Tsinghua University organized several skating activities for us, and we gradually liked and fell in love with the sport.”Helena says she now knows more about and experiences ice sports.At the same time, Helena, like many others, is keenly aware of the many changes that have taken place since preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics began.Since Beijing and Zhangjiakou won the bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympics in 2015, more than 300 million people in China have taken up snow and ice sports.”Ice sports have become increasingly popular in China in recent years, especially among young people.Now it is common to see Chinese people skating or skiing.””I am looking forward to the Games and am confident that we will achieve what we want to achieve,” she added.(Chinese version only) (Chinese version only) (Chinese version only)

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