Chinese men’s football team should reduce salary by 10 times, Chinese women’s football team should increase salary by 10 times

It’s time for Chinese men’s football team to scrape the bone and cure the poison. They were slapped 3 times in the face by Vietnam. If they don’t know the shame and change, there is really no help!Chinese Super League must reduce salary 10 times, the maximum salary is 1 million, have the ability to go to the Premier League to get a high salary!Put all the money you save into youth training!The basic salary of women’s super women’s football team starts at 500,000 yuan, and the national team must be subsidized to 1 million yuan.Otherwise worthy of the women’s soccer girl pay?The Chinese men’s football team must carry out a revolutionary restructuring and disband all the men’s football association personnel just like Syria!Make a radical change!If you don’t want to waste taxpayers’ money, directly in the army training football team, by virtue of the spirit of quality, China’s men’s football team at least among the eight strong in Asia!No refutation will be accepted!Chinese men’s football team lost the face of all Chinese men, especially the face of Chinese soldiers!

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