Guangshui cadres and the masses hot discussion of the three levels of cadres conference report: anchoring the target scramble dry sprint 100 counties

February 11, the city’s three-level cadres conference and “a good start” will be held.Yang Guangsheng, secretary of the Municipal Party committee, made a work report entitled “carry forward the spirit of not two sprint national top 100 strive to take a good new era road.”The report is of a strategic position, far-reaching in conception, rich in connotation and inspiring, causing strong repercussions among the broad cadres and the masses.Lin Shangguo, chairman of Guangshui Huaxin Metallurgical Industry Co., LTD., listened to Secretary Yang’s report at the third-level cadres conference, and I was deeply moved and encouraged.In front of the historical opportunity of further progress, topping the top 100 and creating brilliance, our company will keep up with the pace of The Times, practice the spirit of “loyalty, responsibility and pursuit of excellence” in the new era of Guangshui, and strive to move forward on the road of green and low-carbon development.In the New Year, Huaxin will continue to deepen technological transformation and upgrading, accelerate the upgrading of product structure, and promote school-enterprise cooperation to achieve leapfrog development.For guangshui sprint “national Top 100 Counties”, in the construction of “Han Xiang Humerus, charm suizhou” show the enterprise as, reflect the enterprise responsibility.Ocean plastic co., LTD., general manager of hubei province Yu Zubin today I listened to the theme of the municipal party committee Yang Shuji report, encouraged, doubling the confidence, hubei ocean plastic co., LTD. We will start is decisive battle, is the mental state, the sprint start with 2, energetic energy, power and full production.In the next step, we will increase investment in scientific and technological research and development, and expand the capacity of independent research and development of “international advanced” scientific and technological achievements of steel-plastic composite pipe.Give full play to Dayang’s status and advantages as a hidden champion and high-tech and special new little giant in the field of industry segmentation, and seize the construction opportunities of national urban flood control and drainage, rural drinking water safety, renovation of old residential areas, high-standard farmland irrigation, ecological environment governance, rural revitalization and other projects.For guangshui to carry, chong 100, brilliant contribution to the ocean power.Secretary of the party working YingShan street Sun yu this meeting condensed the strong determination to promote GuangShui spanning development of the municipal party committee and eight of clear thinking, think fast first win, courageously renewed, should do to seize every minute, indomitable attitude, flourished, hard work, to carry, strong for GuangShui top, and make new contributions.Shili Street Party Working Committee Secretary Li Yang party secretary Yang’s important speech at the city’s three levels of cadres conference with a clear theme, clear goals, specific measures, after listening to, exciting, inspiring, sprint top 100, double confidence!Miles street working committee, the office will conscientiously implement the spirit of the meeting, vigorously carry forward the spirit of “six thousand”, in strict accordance with the “five area in hand” strategy in the city, the development of central city “fusion” positioning, insist on “three line three, three horse race drive”, strive to build ten project construction zones, sample area of urban construction, rural revitalization of the demonstration zone.Add luster to guangshui with the splendor of one region in ten miles!Zhang Yundan, party secretary of Guangshui Rural Revitalization Bureau, held the three-level cadres’ conference today, which is even more inspiring and inspiring.We felt we couldn’t sit still, couldn’t wait, couldn’t slow down.I believe that every comrade must have a sense of urgency, a sense of treading on thin ice, a sense of fear that if he or she does not advance, he or she will fall back. He or she must have the spirit to obey orders, drink ice every day, do nothing all day, and have difficulty sleeping at night.Contribute our loyalty to the great cause of rural revitalization.The report of Secretary Yang wu Guoquan, director of Guangshui Investment promotion Service Center, pointed out the direction of our future work, especially placed high hopes on the investment promotion work.Our investment attraction service center will fully abide the spirit of the conference and commit itself to the principle of “attracting business and attracting business”, striving to introduce more than 22 billion yuan of contracted funds for the whole year, of which 13 billion yuan has been actually received. There are more than 30 projects exceeding 100 million yuan, including 8 projects exceeding 1 billion yuan.Full service to build “famous fan city, modern agricultural valley, cultural tourism resort”, for Guangshui to advance again, chong 100, create brilliant contribution to our investment force.Rong Media Center reporter: Mei Guang MAO MAO statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, we will promptly deal with.Email address:;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)

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