“Must see” how to open business without discounts can be hot?

90% think of are on sale, which opened restaurant boss mentioned, restaurants opening never started at a discount, you have the more malicious, pour the faster, because all of the people is not like cheap things, but like to take advantage of, when customer service for your products don’t understand, the concept of the value of your shop no, don’t talk about the price, no value, even when you are white,He may not be able to.So how do you keep your business humming without discounting?Today, some restaurant opening activities summary to share with you, take back directly to apply, pure dry goods, exclusive sharing, like collection.There are two kinds of activities: first, popular activities;Second, sales activities.Open to learn, think of all way to attract customers first, such as flower basket, arch, bands to arrange all, also can arrange dolls people interact, attract people, first through the speakers, knives flag, roll up, food display, try link and so on, through five sense experience give proof of value, the display value, value to customers, to complete the purpose of the popular activities.After that, sales activities are not discounted and free to send, because the discount is knocked off the net profit, sold to the turnover is, when the guests have the value of the anchor point, and then give customers will feel cheap.So how do you send it?There are five ways.First, the main product is free, the secondary main product is not free.This kind of shop is suitable for the single item and the price is not too high, such as noodle shop, rice noodle shop and beef noodle shop. During the opening period, you can eat plain noodles for five yuan for free, and a bowl of plain noodles is only two yuan, but it brings a high sense of value to customers, and the additional steak, balls and marinated eggs are not free.The second mode is charging for main products and free ancillary products, which is more suitable for single-product stores with high prices.For example, the hot pot restaurant 78 yuan a pot is not free, additional consumption of 15, green dish, small cold dishes free, opened a year of business is very hot.Third, charge this time, free next time.For example, in the “Buy ten, get ten free” activity, you can use this ten-yuan voucher when you come to the next consumption when you reach 20. The purpose of this activity is to retain customers, which can be carried out in accordance with the first mode.Fourth, this time free, next charge.This activity corresponds to the membership system, such as tripling the value of the meal for free.The charm of this kind of activity is to let the customer directly feel advantage, the marketing routine to hide.Fifth, get free benefits by doing tasks.Such as circle of friends like, send short videos, write comments on word of mouth, win free opportunities.All of the above activities should be established in our own products, services have enough confidence to carry out, and the activities must have a deadline!The above is to share some of the restaurant opening activities, I hope to help you!Follow me, take you to know more food and beverage dry goods!

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