Understanding why to worship the Buddhist hall, meditation do not ask the sun

Want to know more exciting content, quickly to pay attention to Zheng Huixian Sinology art understanding why to worship the Buddhist hall, meditation need not ask the sun, if there is true feelings in the world, is the justice of the world lang.As soon as you enter the world of mortals, it is difficult to find a place of peace in the world.Where to find the immortal, laugh at the world of mortals cultivate one’s morality and seek positive fruit, good zen under the bodhi tree.Total zen, understanding why to worship before the Buddha, how many things, the world is sunny days.I do not know years, zen comfortable day, laughing at the number of things in the world, where to find the immortal.The world of mortals has a dream with who drunk, the world a few degrees of autumn, meditation meditation to find the marquis.Heaven earthly world for many years, self-cultivation and meditation as immortal.Children and grandchildren laugh, hair on the temples has spot, life is short long snap.The moon hangs between the clouds, thousands of miles acacia bitter, liangbinbinbai knee looking forward to reunion.From the bitter, all over the ground, liangbinbinbai knee do yan.Condensed into tears, filial piety, heaven and earth infinite bitter meditation.Le He Ru, baibai zhi not sparse, bitter sweet and sour taste baiwei, between the words as ji zhu.There are bosom friends in the word, bitter, sour and sweet since ancient and modern, liangbinbinbai Lap Le Tianlun.Life is short for a few decades, wasted fingers, temples white knee joy boundless.Temples spot did not change the heart of youth, knee children and grandchildren laugh frequency, mo road dust between the most bitter is mother.Laughter baijing, white hair pale yan liangbin spot, sour and sweet taste baiwei, fengriyuxue calendar thousand.Between the dust do not feel the spring will be old, short life a few degrees of autumn, liangbanbai feeling, children and grandchildren around the knee happy leisurely swim.Do not dye the world of mortals lap leisurely, between the lines in a sweet and sour delete.Children and grandchildren laugh loudly, parents hair bitter short a moment passed, years long snap.Cold window snap, short for a few years, gray temples lap tianlun.Who is the solution, I know it is difficult to help the world, gray temples what words old, smiling children and grandchildren around the knee.Who road autumn temples have spots, lap lap do happy yan, the words in a sweet and sour delete.Hope return period, liangbanbai tearful eyes fan, sweet and sour taste, the world is the most beautiful Tanabata.Wanli Jiangshan refers to gu, life is short for a few years, baibai temples children and grandchildren do smile.Heart bitter I do not know often in the moon, tears mottled reunion knee huan.Temples have spots, happy kaiyan, between the lines in the sweet and sour in the pen.Children and grandchildren around the dream, white hair sigh lingding, life is short dust lengnuanqing.Autumn wind temples spot, children and grandchildren around the knee word in the truth, bitter sweet and sour.Wind and cloud ambition pay, qianxin cable lock river flow, lofty mountains and seas end.The remotest corners of the earth a wonderful work, the world of mankind is my home, even if qianxin no place to find, the clouds will be in China.Flying white lian, Hainanbaichuan hui Biliu, Qianxun hanging jade belt, the wind and change to see China.One hundred feet Qianhe a line lead, the wind changes for several years, vast mirage is now, wanzhanggao cliff hanging jade curtain.The storm momentum male, Qianxin cable penetration changhong, heroic three to shake the sea and air.Baichuan hui Sea ran into the river, qianxun waterfall changes from green yellow.The world of mortals a feather, the remotest corners of the earth extremely lingxiao Han, all-powerful bold.Pagoda town demon atmosphere, cloud several degrees smell, mirage is not jun.Boundless sea day is born halo, wanzhang Xiaguang gradually dyed red, qianxin cliff changes in which.Wanzhang Red, reflecting the sky, Qianxin cliff cloud momentum male.Qianxin cliff peak, a few years, a mirage who pity.Qi-yu Ang, shackle boundless, lofty and fearless chong Xiaohan, blood cavity to Haijiang.Bright moon according to people have fate, qianxin not see the clouds dream.Lofty guan Changhong, sail through the waves, writing Qianxun zha proud sky.Chain lock river, wind and cloud several degrees of autumn, a mirage across China.Go to the end of the world, do not boast, lofty lake sea waves rush sand.Where is a mirage, the world of mortals who knows, Qianxin tiesuo unpredictable.Who pity, mirage where, even if qianxin difficult to see the moon, after the storm is sunny.Songyin mountain Qianxin, unpredictable changes, if the sea sentient beings are passers-by.The wind and change several spring, wall Qianxin does not catch dust, wanzhang cliff fly waterfall, a blue sea jump dragon scale.Cape chan, thousands of miles of life without to find, the vicissitudes also lingering.On the sky, the sea is boundless, the boat is difficult to cross, the wind and the clouds change in the world.The pen and ink qianxun express ambition, the wind and cloud change show heroic posture, sailing sailing sea journey, lofty sentiment is at this time.The wind and change from the waves, cliffs qianxin a line of sky, the cliff down the waves turned over.Sour and sweet swallow, life 100 purdue with the boat, all hands open thousands of clouds.Heroic knot, the world of all kinds of good heart hide, service true feelings and righteousness, punish evil in addition to evil Yang.He was good at grooming and living happily. He was as faithful as the sea.Yiboyuntian does not dye dust, dares to distinguish the treacherous, for the people to sacrifice their good body.Loyalty and rape two thousand autumn yao blue sky, good and evil end of the knot hero.The knot hate impermanence, its body also self-injurious, yiboyuntian do not distinguish waste king.This language heart alone good, love knot tie tie lotus, zhang has female bead distinguish loyal and evil.Still in the midst of war, not afraid of rape, for the people anti – corruption virtuous virtuous.Original hate, this selfless, the world of good and evil title ring things can be.Shuiyun, its body is not afraid of difficult, take Yichengren Jun Mo Xiao, loyalty and adultery since ancient times two related.The old good poetry, grass title ring things sad, yifutiansheji can bully.You worry about the country, the people of righteousness, evil thief heart, knot grass title ring always good and true.Not because of the scheming of the powerful, only for the people of righteousness, good and evil end of the right path knot alliance.Knot marriage, sentimental world a line lead, like the sea, loyalty and adultery dilemma since ancient times.There is no reason for good and evil in the world, but the world of mortals is comfortable in the body.For money to take also by a piece of rape, cliquing private sex charity first.Loyal traitor, loyal liver righteousness gallantry master true, good and beautiful, selfish evil pretty.Song fu knot good friends, harp and chess gather good neighbors, righteousness heavy affection does not distinguish false and true.No one asked, the poem fate has a dream, righteousness heavy mountain difficult barrier, loyalty like the sea without adultery.Yi Bo Yun Heaven heavy, since ancient times incompatible, lushan in the end in vain.Sishou benefit, righteousness is why iron lang, the world of truth, the wind two sleeve knot plum incense.Online affinity often hate late, sentimentality is always too late, love really heavy zhongliang two do not know.Human life self-cultivation is not afraid of rape, friends make friends good body mountain.True feelings in, great love, good and evil end people far clamour dust.Mirror what to shine on, bodhi not planted, would like to have less dust in the world.Mengchang iii edge, Cihang Purdue tree to listen to The Zen, mirror tai Wu sages.Puritan world people, the fate of sansheng do not dye dust, bodhi tree under the stage before realizing true.Bodhi tree Buddha Zen, the mirror hung as da1000, the fate of sansheng correction fruit, Cihang pudu among the people.In the mirror, enlightenment bodhi Buddha heart, universal suffering, the cause of extinction are empty.Fate comes from many dreams, Cihang Purdue has true feelings, listen to zen under the Bodhi tree, the mirror in front of the tao Sutra.Cihang Yang zhengqi, Kyushu love poem edge, bodhi tree under the stage before wu sages.Under the bodhi tree hanging as da1000, the edge of sansheng purdue people.Hanging as thousands of people, under the bodhi tree Puritan sentient suffering, derived from the world of mortals a flower.Thousands of miles gather huatang, Cihangdu distance, under the bodhi tree before the Buddha light.Cihang Purdue’s dream is boundless, thousands of miles across the border, hanging under the bodhi tree.A flower, ten thousand rosy clouds, the edge of sansheng purdue people.Predestined relationship why ask poor pass, cihang wanlifeng, under the bodhi tree hanging as blue dome.Thousands of miles, sansheng dream, listen to zen under the bodhi tree, see the sunset in front of the mirror.– Zheng Huixian original Art #

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