8 customized buses will make the post-holiday commute more convenient!

Recently in guangzhou bus company group binary DangTuanYuan volunteers for passengers carefully prepared for the New Year blessing bag to “start” everyone have a good mood also put the dichotomy of guangzhou bus group company “yellow garden road (Yellowstone garden) – the pearl river west road” “city market – sports center” “JingAn street – sports center” “star cloud city – the pearl river new city subway station” “south yue garden -Pearl river west road “, “xian village road, the south yue garden”, “hui road, netease headquarters” “wuyang estate – netease headquarters” and so on eight custom bus lines and deployment of new type 47 major highway bus provide citizens with more convenient, more comfortable service bus group, guangzhou binary relevant person in charge of the company, said the next step, will travel from the atmosphere, flight optimization into consideration,Continuous innovation service, according to the needs of the public to open more customized bus lines, quality service, safe ride environment, to meet the needs of the public travel, improve the satisfaction of the ride.Edit: Yellow Orange purple review: Zhao Weimin material source: Guangzhou public Transport Group

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