Daxing rural homestead reconstruction what matters needing attention?There is also this subsidy to apply for

Recently, daxing villagers in People’s Daily online – local leaders message board daxing rural homestead rebuilding consulting note issue official had reply to take a look at rebuilding considerations of house-site in the countryside Q consulting Wei Shanzhuang town in daxing district of rural houses, old girders has been broken trails, want to dismantle the rebuilding, don’t know what is the procedure,Push down to rebuild directly or need to go to what department formalities, what does newly-built house need to pay attention to not have, for instance can build much tall, can 2 floors and basement be built, how does water need road dig ditch to do and so on?Where can I inquire about these? Thank you for your reply.A Daxing District City Management command Center hello, Weishanzhuang Town replied as follows about the handling of the housing reconstruction problem you reported:According to the Beijing municipal bureau of agriculture and rural areas, the Beijing municipal planning and natural resources committee, the Beijing housing and urban and rural construction committee on further strengthening and regulating the rural homestead and construction management of examination and approval notice (JingZheng NongHan [2020] no. 59), daxing district of rural housing land and housing management detailed rules for the implementation of examination and approval (trial) article 3 of the rural residence construction application in the countrysideStandard for building houses on homestead.In principle, the building shall not exceed two stories, and two stories shall not be directly added to the original one-story building.The cornice height of the two-story house (calculated from the upper plane of the house base) should not exceed 7.2 meters in principle, and the ridge height should not exceed 9 meters.In principle, the cornice height of a one-story house shall not exceed 3.6 meters, and the ridge height shall not exceed 7 meters;Basements shall not be built;In principle, Windows should not be opened on the second floor rear wall of adjacent houses.The water needs the road digs ditch problem, when necessary you may consult the road property right unit.You can consult urban and rural construction office (land management) department about homestead.In addition, daxing has a plan for the reconstruction of rural homestead and this subsidy policy can be applied to relevant units:In order to implement the notice on Printing and Issuing work Plan of Earthquake Resistant and Energy-saving Farm House Construction in Beijing (2021-2025) issued by Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Construction and other four departments (Beijing Construction and Development [2021] No. 408), combined with the actual situation of earthquake resistant and energy-saving farm house construction in our district,Developed the “Daxing District seismic energy saving farm house construction work plan (2021-2025)”, please seriously implement the unit.Notice is hereby given.Daxing District Housing and Urban-rural Development Commission, Daxing District Finance Bureau, Daxing District Planning and Land and Resources Management Commission, Daxing Sub-Bureau, Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau, Daxing District, Beijing

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