The writing method of the 10 most difficult radicals (20 handwriting examples) hard brush calligraphy classroom teaching

Here are 10 of the most difficult radicals to write. To make it easier to understand, use the word directly, remember to bookmark.1. Next to the right ear “Part” : “all” : 2. Next to the left ear: “Chen” : “Yang” : 3.Anti-dog next to the “dog” word: “Wolf” word: 4. Treasure cap “empty” word: “over” word: 5.Go bottom “even” word: “swim” word: 6. Female word bottom “wife” word: “committee” word: 7.Spring prefix “Qin” word: “Thai” word: 8. Twisted silk next to “yarn” word: “line” word: 9.Rain head “snow” word: “cloud” word: 10. Heart at the end of the word “zhi” word: “loyal” word: finally, it is suggested to save the writing of the above word, practice.Take action now!

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