As Soon as Putin arrived in China for the Winter Olympics, the US issued a warning to Russia that the world had not expected

Although hundreds of countries and regions have signed cease-fire agreements for the Winter Olympics, the United States, which does not follow the rules, does not care about the binding of any agreement.According to media reports, the US Defense secretary said publicly at a press conference that conflict between the US and Russia is not inevitable.Austen’s speech also surprised many people.After all, it’s the Winter Olympics in Beijing and Putin is in China for the Games. Is the US ready to go to war with Russia?Warned the United States to Russia, the world did not have learned, the defense said in a news conference that the United States and NATO joint formed a team to the Ukraine, the United States has ever said the message, has deployed 200 national guard troops to the Ukraine, and this is not the main task of the 200 people to perform specific actions,The main purpose is to guide local military training in Ukraine.Later, Austin’s speech was also known as the “first signal” that the United States planned to start a war against Russia. As for why the outside world has such speculation, it is also based on various bizarre actions of the United States.For example, the United States and the United Kingdom have continuously sent various military supplies to Ukraine. Subsequently, the United States announced to provide emergency evacuation opportunities and privileges for American personnel and their families working in Ukraine.Britain and Australia have also made similar moves.The withdrawal of The United States and its Allies has sent Ukrainians into a panic, even though it is clear that the United States may have deliberately created a “war atmosphere.”In addition, the “unequivocal rejection” of Russia’s previous request for security guarantees from the United States and NATO has intensified doubts about the outbreak of war in Ukraine.Russian foreign minister to a red line, however, before you make the speech in Austin, Russian foreign minister sergei lavrov also a reporter at the scene of the answer all the questions, in view of the current hot Ukraine problems directly off the red stressed that never in any kind of reason to force the invasion of Ukraine, but at the same time, Russia still refused to keep NATO enlargement of basic position.Recall that Before, Russia explicitly rejected the eastward expansion of NATO, but the Us and the West have ignored the basic appeal of Russia, now seeing Putin has arrived in China, the US Defense Secretary Austin’s warning, indeed to Russia added new troubles!Partial reference: huanqiu net, international online, Fujian Strait consumption newspaper

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