To be human, learn to laugh it off

People, such a lifetime, good to live to live but also thirty thousand days, so to have a good meal, a good sleep, trouble also do not put the mind.People, such a life, passions, joys and sorrows waved fingers to go, so live well live, simple live, comfortable live, happy live.A tablespoon of salt, into a cup, very salty.A spoonful of salt, into the lake, very light.Trouble is like salt, salty or light, bitter or sweet, depending on the size of the heart.All can not go through the mood, sleep a good sleep;All the feelings that can not be put down, enlighten yourself.Be cared about, take out the heart to cherish;If someone hates you, stay away from them.Look at the eyes of others, it is better to be their own colors;Careful support, as careless alive.People only this lifetime, don’t be too sorry for yourself!Happiness comes from feeling, happiness comes from mind, and ease comes from choice.If you can’t leave, don’t stay.Is not you can not stay, don’t force.Simple things, think deeply, care about more, it is complicated, it is tricky.Complex things, see light, care less, simple, easy to do.Some things, just smile, don’t take it too seriously;Some people, just look at it, don’t care.Those who like to perform, give some applause, puncture has no meaning;Self-righteous, choose to ignore, debate is really unnecessary.It doesn’t matter who you are.It doesn’t matter who’s who.A clear conscience is good, follow the most important!In life, many people, many things, many feelings, do not need to tangle, laugh off the best.Free and easy, will open up more, a little more elegant, will be more beautiful, a little more sunshine, will smile more brilliant, more happy!Do a true self: without hypocrisy, without flattery, without tact, serious work, down-to-earth life, learn to laugh and this life is doomed to us what also take not to go, then: I am my way, live in the moment, laugh at the moment, realize in the moment, all things quiet, laugh at life, life is short, must be wonderful!

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