Two drivers who saved a car after it fell into Taihu Lake

Upstream news reporter When Tingting on March 29 afternoon, Suzhou Ms. Zhu driving with a 5-month-old child to travel, due to improper operation, the car out of control broke through the fence with the car overturned into taihu Lake.Two excavators working nearby saw the scene. One operated a digger to pull the vehicle out of the water, while the other used a hammer to smash through the rear windshield.The video of the truck’s driver relays to save the victims has been praised by Internet users.Upstream news (feed email: reporters learned that on April 8, gu Jianzhi and Yao Wanshun were awarded the title of “Doing good deeds”.On March 29, a car fell into the water in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. Two excavators pulled the car out of the water, while the other smashed the rear windshield with a hammer to save the car.Video of the incident shows a black car sinking in the water. A boat-mounted excavator is trying to pull the car out of the water, but the car falls into the water again.That’s when another digger driver jumped out of the boat and used a hammer to smash through the rear windshield and free the woman, who was holding a baby in her arms.After the video was widely shared, the two rescue drivers were liked by netizens.Upstream news reporters learned that what happened in the afternoon of March 29, suzhou citizen Ms Zhu drove with her 5-month-old child to suzhou City, jinting Town near yinshan Island, the child cried in the car, Ms Zhu was a little panic.Due to improper operation, the car broke through the guardrail and overturned into taihu Lake.Surrounding people saw the police for help.Police rushed to the scene at the same time, the car is still sinking, is about to top, the vehicle distance from the shore about 20 meters.At this time, in the lake not far from the construction work Yao Wanshun and Gu Jianzhi are driving a construction boat carrying excavators rushed to the point.After arriving at the scene, the driver of the excavator, Gu Jianzhi, tried to pull the sunken car out of the water, but due to the strong wind on the lake, the vehicle slipped again soon after coming out of the water.Gu Jianzhi then controlled the car body with a bucket to delay its sinking, and Yao Wanshun took out a hammer from the boat to break the rear windshield of the vehicle.One stood on the excavator, the other went into the water to save the woman, and finally pulled the mother and daughter into the boat.On March 29, Gu Jianzhi and Yao Wanshun rescued their mother and daughter from drowning in Suzhou, Jiangsu province.Upstream news reporters noticed that Zhu was holding the baby with her hands full when she was rescued. She only lowered her arms weakly after confirming that the baby had been rescued.Due to timely rescue, mother and daughter did not hinder.Afterwards, Ms Zhu’s family thanked Gu jianzhi and Yao Wanshun and sent a red envelope, but they declined.Gu Jianzhi and Yao Wanshun were named “good Samaritans” by the Suzhou Taihu National Tourism Resort branch of the Suzhou Public Security Bureau on April 2.On April 8, the Suzhou Good Samaritan-based Foundation and suzhou Wuzhong District Good Samaritan-based Foundation awarded the two men the reward for good samaritan-based deeds.”I was working on the excavator when I heard someone shout for help,” Gu said.When we saw the car was sinking, the two of us thought to use the excavator to stop the car sinking, and then use the hammer to break the glass to save people, we could not save later.”Yao Wanshun recalled, when the incident, the vehicle has been pushed out far away by the wind and waves, see only the tail of the water, the in the mind is particularly worried, now think about some fear.”I didn’t think much about it at that time. I just saw someone falling into the water and thought about saving people.”Yao wanshun said.If it’s not two people working together, it’s hard to rescue them.Gu Jianzhi and Yao Wanshun were awarded the title of “doing good deeds” in Suzhou, Jiangsu province, on April 8.Chen Binhua, chairman of suzhou Good Samaras Foundation, said gu Jianzhi and Yao Wanshun were not only kind and loving, but also courageous and resourceful.At the critical moment when mother and daughter fell into the lake, she was able to keep calm and decisive, stand up and persevere, and fight for a chance of survival for the trapped mother and daughter and save a family.

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