Chinese imperious three consecutive questions!

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian answers questions at a regular press conference on January 25.Question: According to the latest data from the GUN Violence Archive, a US non-profit organization, in 2021, there were 691 cases of deadly gun violence in the US, leaving four people dead or injured, the highest number since the archive started tracking gun violence cases in 2013.What is your comment on that?Zhao Lijian: I have noted that in 2021, 44,750 people were killed by gun violence in the US, of whom 1,533 were teenagers and children aged 17 and under.40,359 people were injured in gun violence, 4,107 of them aged 17 and under.Those numbers are also the highest the site has ever recorded.Behind the gun violence statistics in the US are countless bereaved families and grieving relatives.It’s shocking and it’s heartbreaking.One shot after another hit the American dream riddled with holes, bursts of gunpowder also triggered people’s reflection and questioning.Is the “democracy” of the United States a democracy that ignores life?Is the “freedom” that the US advocates the freedom to shoot at will?Gun violence in the United States has become a social cancer, and has become a serious and systematic human rights issue, interwoven with the epidemic out of control, drug abuse, racial discrimination and other serious problems.Strangely enough, the American people are suffering from this problem while American politicians remain blind and indifferent, indulging in self-aggrandizement and preaching to others.I want to ask, what are their qualifications?Where is morality?Where is the confidence?We hope that these shocking figures will sober up these people, make them reflect on themselves and do something concrete to improve human rights in their own countries.Reporter: Ren Haoyu source: People’s Daily

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