Pingnan County Federation of Industry and Commerce won the national “five good” county-level federation of industry and Commerce title

Since 2020, this article from: your port journal ping pingnan county federation of industry and is focused on the theme of “two health”, based on the “political, unite state, strong service brain wave, the reform will” overall goals, around hotspots and difficulties in the development of private enterprises, pain points, play ZhuDongZhang private economy, private economy in the county vitality enhanced continuously, federation of industry and business to a new level.Recently, the federation of industry and Commerce was awarded the national 2020-2021 “Five good” county-level industry and commerce federation.In recent years, the federation of Industry and Commerce is committed to guiding its members to think about getting rich and actively fulfill their social responsibilities.The members have contributed 120 million yuan to the economic and social development of the county by participating in donations for education, rural revitalization, urban construction, cultural and sports activities, sky network project construction, epidemic prevention and other aspects, which has won widespread praise.(Reporter Zhang Qingjie)

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