After 11 straight wins and 6 straight wins, Chris Paul went to the old master in 3 games

Thousands of mountains and rivers are always feeling, pay attention to a wave of line!The SUNS have won 11 straight games since losing to the Heat on Jan. 9.The SUNS won six straight games after losing to Atlanta on Feb. 4.During their six-game winning streak, the SUNS have scored 117 points per game, allowing only 103.5 points per game and 13.5 net points per game.In that span, they beat the Wizards, Bulls and 75 on a four-game trip, and the Bucks, Magic and Clippers at home.In the conversation of the big East, the SUNS held antetokounmpo to 18 points, led by Ayton (27), Booker (17) and Chris Paul (19).Why is the sun so strong?The SUNS have an impressive 47-10 record.The SUNS are ahead of the Warriors, Grizzlies and Jazz in the Western Conference.The second-place Warriors are 42-16 and the SUNS are 5 1/2 games behind the Warriors with a game in hand.The SUNS are 10.5 games behind the first-place Heat (37-21).The SUNS quietly dominated the regular season again, and if this trend continues, they have a chance to have home-court advantage throughout the playoffs.Compared with the Lakers, nets and other stars of the flow of the team, the Sun is strong in what?Some teams rely heavily on home court advantage, shooting a lot better at home than on the road.Some players will also appear at home dragon, insect performance.The SUNS, however, had no such problem.They played 30 games at home with a 25-5 record;Played 27 games on the road, Posting a 22-5 record.It says a lot about the SUNS not being affected by home and road conditions, but it also says a lot about the team that they deserve to be at the top of the league.The SUNS don’t rank first in the league in several categories, but they’re all in the top 10.Total field goal percentage: 48.1 percent, second in the league;3-point percentage: 43.2 percent, sixth in the league;Free throw percentage: 79.1, eighth in the league;Rebounds per game: 46.3 (10.2 frontcourt), fourth in the league;Assists per game: 27, fifth in the league;Steals per game: 8.51, sixth in the league;Turnovers per game: 12.98, sixth in the league.The fewer turnovers per game, the better the ranking, the rockets currently lead the league in turnovers per game at 16.96.A team in a certain aspect has enough advantages can let this team in the league has a place, although the Sun team has not become the first in the league, but their multiple data occupy the league forefront, enough to see the Sun team’s comprehensive strength is very strong.Chris Paul played for the Hornets (now Pelicans), Clippers, Rockets, Thunder and SUNS in his career.The SUNS will play Houston at home on Feb. 17, Oklahoma City on Feb. 25 and pelicans on Feb. 26.The league’s schedule may have been unintentional, but it helped shape the story of Paul’s revenge on his old boss.Of note, the SUNS host the Rockets on Feb. 17.To this day, Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony have been cheated by the Rockets.Paul left Houston for Westbrook.Anthony was waived by the Rockets without his knowledge.Combined with Paul’s furious pass to James Harden in the playoffs, one has to wonder if Paul’s situation with Carmelo Anthony had something to do with Harden.Look at Chris Paul’s current success with the SUNS, and with Paul’s “small mind”, even if the rockets management changed and Harden left the team, I’m sure he would still be holding his breath and beating up the Rockets.Fertitta must also be mentioned.Fertitta said after the trade that his contract with Paul was the worst in sports.So, with Paul’s personality, every time against Fertitta’s Rockets is a battle to clear his name.Therefore, the game against the rockets should be very exciting.Paul had 14 points and 14 assists against the Clippers, and the rockets will be a learning experience for Kevin Porter Jr. and Jaylen Green.

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