Great changes shock people: the world has changed, the society has changed, people do not change?

Wang Jianping: Article of the Day: The Theory of Perception. part viii (77) Can human beings change?We have never imagined in this way, what would happen if human beings changed?What we’re thinking right now is, the world has changed, what’s going to happen to people?It’s time to turn around and think, what will happen to the world if we humans change?It hardly requires imagination. The change of human beings transcends the change of everything. The change of human beings is the biggest, most thorough and most essential change, and the change of human beings directly leads to the change of the world.We have never stopped actively changing the world. In order to change the world, we have produced great wisdom and civilization. Almost all of our power has been used to change the world.Among all creatures, no one has the power to change the world as much as we do, and no one can use the world as we do. What the world looks like today and in the future depends to a large extent on us. Should we be proud of this?Or sorry?According to Darwinian theory, the fittest survive.This argument applies to other creatures, but not to us.We humans adapt, too, but not to adapt ourselves to the natural world, but to adapt it to us.In the course of evolution, humans are the only ones who have adapted themselves by changing the outside world.For thousands of years, the behavior and the ethical logic of human existence has been, everything for me, everything for me, for what?To serve our existence.No other creature has ever had the ethical logic to alter the natural world to suit itself, nor the behavioural capacity to alter the external environment to suit itself.Human beings, on the other hand, not only change the state of the natural world to a large extent and rewrite the laws and regulations of evolution, but also treat themselves as natural persons to carry out significant behavioral changes, and treat themselves as the object of change to change together with the world.People changed everything, that is true, even for a lot of human activities to change, but all this change is in order to a constant, namely the person’s own essential consciousness, namely the existing way of the fundamental constant, people just some behavior, not change the behavior of the motivation, the behavior of the purpose and meaning.We change the world at all costs in order to keep our existential ethical logic unchanged, our antagonistic relationship with the world unchanged, and our own existential attributes unchanged.Indeed, apart from the behavioral content, the changes in the human body are very small. For example, we do not grow thicker hair to protect ourselves from the cold. We protect ourselves from the cold with clothes, houses and better methods of heating.Unlike other animals, we do not change our structure to meet the needs of the natural world. This is not only a long-term behavior, but also an ethical way of our existence.We humans respond to all external changes with our own constancy.Over time, this way of behavior has become our unconscious logic of thinking, everything is changeable, only the self unchanged.Even the existence of the self has been ignored, even what we are not clear, let alone the change of our own.In this way, human existence has become a blind spot. The reason why we strive to change everything in the world is that we can only let the outside world adapt to ourselves in the blind spot. It is precisely because of this that materialism monopolizes all our knowledge and consciousness.Human intelligence is used to deal with the external world, that is, to materialistic transformation and processing of the material world for our own use.Human wisdom hardly touches on why we use it, when it comes to ourselves, it immediately turns ourselves into an object of action, that is, it touches only human action, it does not touch the person himself.For thousands of years, it is not that we do not want to change ourselves, but that we are unable to change ourselves. We have ignored ourselves and do not know ourselves. This is the profound reason why we only change the world and do not change ourselves.We have not yet realized that by changing the world, not ourselves, we are violating the laws of nature, which is a great rebellion against existence itself. Such a state of affairs will not last forever, and we will eventually incur the severe punishment of the natural world.This does not mean that the environment does not cause the earth should not be living, refers to our own standing, there is not adapted to the change of needs, it also refers to not only our body evolution cause problems, refers to the legitimacy of our existence itself will be more and more problematic, humanity itself blindly insist there will be the biggest hidden danger, obviously, the final will not be eliminated in the natural world,It must be us who don’t know ourselves.The truth is that changing the world is not as radical as changing ourselves. This logic is quite simple. If the world changes, the world must change unless we change.If we change, the world will not have to change. It is much more reasonable for us to adapt to the world than for the world to adapt to us.To change the world to change people, this logical transformation has inevitability, we have changed the world for thousands of years, later have to change to change people.We know how to change the world, how to change people, do we know?The big question is: Can we change?Can we change it?This leaves a big suspense, how long should we hope and wait for this?(take)

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