Kaiwo Group won yinchuan bus 250 new energy orders

Recently, Kaiwo Group won yinchuan Public Transport Co., LTD. 250 sets of new energy bus single!The order involves 6106 and 6856 models, among which 150 sets of 6106 model and 100 sets of 6856 model.Affected by the new round of epidemic, many cities have been pressed to suspend the button.Make every effort to overcome the impact of the epidemic and ensure a good start to market sales in the first quarter.Yinchuan Public Transport Co., LTD., founded in August 1958, is the only state-owned public transport enterprise in Yinchuan.Since its establishment, Yinchuan Public Transport has always been the loyal bearer of the task of ensuring public travel, and has played an outstanding role in practicing the policy of “benefiting the people by public transport” and maintaining the order of urban transportation.In the future, together with Yinchuan Bus, we will accelerate the development process of bus electrization. Kvo Group will continue to provide safe, convenient, comfortable, green and intelligent public transportation services with excellent products and services.

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