“Listen to your mother” whole network warm heart interaction

Another year has passed and the world is still frozen and life is still not easy even the way home is still so long But with the light she lit in my heart my life is far away she is still willing to give her all for me my world she doesn’t understand she still wants to keep up with me I,I will always be her deepest concern. Homesick there is the smell of mother homesick there is mother’s nagging listen to your mother wherever you are. Take care of yourself.People’s Daily, launched many new media and network media “to mother’s words” entire network interactive please talk to mom more warm heart to hear stories and nagging if she didn’t come home this year also please call mother more about mind welcome to upload photos, video sharing and basked in the story of mother and mother calls you can through the People’s Daily new media to participate in activity 1, will and his motherSend photos or other related photos, videos and texts to email zhengji@pdnews.cn2, upload and publish photos and videos through Weibo, Douyin, Kuaishou, wechat Video and other platforms,Add topic # Listen to mom # and @People’s Daily You and mom’s photos, videos, stories may appear on major websites, news client reports and home page wish all mothers wish you all the best

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