Shandong Traffic Technician College 2022 Temporary substitute teacher recruitment notice

Due to the needs of teaching, we are now recruiting several temporary substitute teachers with high ideological quality, hard professional level and strong sense of responsibility.Shandong Traffic Technician College, founded in 1975, is affiliated to Shandong Provincial Department of Transportation. It is a comprehensive full-time national technician college which mainly trains highly skilled personnel in transportation industry and integrates short-term training, adult education, skill appraisal and driving training.The college covers an area of more than 600 mu with a building area of 155,000 square meters. There are 376 faculty members and more than 14,000 registered students.Set auto college application (including car, car service, car air-defence system), intelligent manufacturing institute (department of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electric power department), school of business (including business department, computer application department), traffic engineering college (including rail transport, aviation, preschool education department), basic teaching department, such asIt has set up nearly 40 specialties such as automobile maintenance, NUMERICAL control processing, UAV, modern logistics, early childhood education, highway construction and maintenance, aviation service, railway passenger service and so on.Under the care and support of the superior leaders and all walks of life, the college adheres to the educational philosophy of “basing on transportation, running school with characteristics, adapting to the market and serving employment”, serves the regional economic and social development and the transformation and upgrading of the provincial transportation industry, and constantly improves the educational level and talent training quality.The college has been awarded as the National Civilized Unit, the National Training base for Highly skilled Talents, the National Training base for Skilled Talents in short supply, the China Training Base for World Skills Competition, the pilot unit for the teaching reform of automobile Specialty integrated course in The National technical colleges, and the pilot unit for the teaching reform of national Integrated courseThe leading college of “Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Installation and Maintenance”, the unit with Excellent teaching quality in Shandong Province, the characteristic school of Technical Education in Shandong Province, the Advanced Group of Education system in Shandong Province, the Advanced Group of Technical Education in Shandong Province, etc., have been awarded the certificate of “Enriching people and Thriving Lu Labor”.1. Teachers of basic courses should have a bachelor’s degree or above.Professional and basic professional course teachers should have a bachelor’s degree or above (or professional technician or above).3. Internship instructors should have college degree or above (or senior vocational qualification or above).The specific recruitment positions are as follows: 1. 2 Chinese teachers 2. 2 mathematics teachers 3.2 English teachers 4. PE teacher 5. Accounting teacher 6.One teacher from logistics major 7. One teacher from Machinery Major 8. One teacher from industrial Design 9.1. Abide by the Constitution, laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China, with no record of violation of laws and disciplines;Support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, love the motherland, love the cause of education, have good ideological and political quality and moral conduct, law-abiding, honest and trustworthy;3. Have good professional ethics, abide by the rules and regulations of the College and the teaching management system, and obey the work arrangement of the university;Good health, no chronic, infectious diseases or serious medical history;Male and female teachers are not more than 60 years old, and female teachers are not more than 55 years old.If one of the following circumstances occurs, registration is not allowed.1. Those who have received criminal punishment for committing a crime;2. Those who have been subject to administrative dismissal for less than 5 years or are in the punishment period of other administrative punishments;3. In the past three years, in the recruitment (employment) examination, physical examination or inspection of all kinds of organs and institutions have violated the discipline;4. Those who are under audit or disciplinary examination on suspicion of violation of laws and disciplines, or suspected of crimes or judicial procedures have not been completed;5. It is not suitable for registration according to laws, regulations and rules.Please fill in the registration form and send it to before February 20th.The subject line of the email is: Position + name.The preliminary examination will be conducted according to the applicant’s application materials. Those who pass the preliminary examination will be notified by phone before February 22.The interview will be organized uniformly, and the specific time will be notified by phone.Applicants should keep their phone unblocked. If they cannot be contacted by phone, they will be deemed to have given up.Interview must carry id card, diploma, degree certificate, title certificate, professional qualification, related skills award certificate original and photocopy, no illegal and criminal record certificate print, health and epidemic prevention and control related data (schedule, green yard and vaccination, etc.), the staff, after checking certificate himself back to the original and copy to stay in the hospital.Interview format: trial lecture (15 minutes);

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