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On February 15, local time, Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Scholz held talks in Moscow.At a news conference after their talks, Mr. Putin made it clear that Russia did not want war.That’s why Russia is making proposals for security in Europe, where NATO has been responsible for wars in the past.Putin said Russia is willing to discuss some security issues with the United States and NATO, including the INF treaty and military transparency, but only if it can discuss the main issues that touch on Russia’s core concerns.Other countries’ military deterrence to Russia is a direct threat to Russia’s national security, and Russia cannot turn a blind eye to it.On the situation in Ukraine, Putin said Russia hopes France and Germany can exert their influence on Ukraine to urge it to implement the Minsk agreements.Russia remains committed to bringing into full play the potential of the Minsk Agreements and promoting the resolution of the situation in Ukraine.Scholz said the return of some Russian troops is a “good signal” that lasting security and peace in Europe can only be achieved through cooperation with Russia.He stressed that it was now up to each side to take responsibility for avoiding war in Europe.Scholz also said Germany is ready to hold further talks with All partners and Allies in the European Union and NATO with Russia on the specifics of de-escalation.He called for an “open and honest dialogue space where all topics can be discussed.

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Russian Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said Sunday that some Russian troops have finished military exercises and started to return to their posts from the Border with Ukraine.”The Russian side has been saying that the troops will return to their stations after the exercises,” Peskov said.That is the case now.This is a normal trip, nothing new.”He stressed that Russia, like other countries in the world, has the right to conduct military exercises on its territory and should not discuss this with anyone.Video footage released by the Russian Defense Ministry showed tanks and armored vehicles driving onto railway freight trains.No details were given on the return of troops.Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said large-scale military exercises were continuing in Russia, but that some units in the southern and western military districts near Ukraine had completed their exercises and started to return.Konashenkov also stressed that the Russian troops participating in the “Alliance Resolve 2022” joint military exercise between Russia and Belarus will return to their posts as usual after the joint military exercise on The 20th.On the same day, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Russia’s military exercises are on its territory and have nothing to do with other countries.There has been a cautious response to Russia’s announcement that some Russian troops have returned to their posts from the Border with Ukraine.NATO secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Thursday that so far, NATO has not seen any signs of relaxation of the situation on the Russian-Ukrainian border.He said Russia has amassed a fighting force in and around Ukraine that is unprecedented since the Cold War.On the same day, the Us ambassador to NATO Julianna Smith, who attended the press conference with Stoltenberg, said that the US side was closely watching the situation and had to further verify the Russian statement.Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Alexander Kuleba said on Thursday that Ukraine has always taken the Russian statement as a criterion of “what we hear is false, but what we see is real” and hoped that Russia could take concrete actions instead of just lip service.On the same day, French government spokesman Jean-Pierre Attar said that if it is confirmed that Russia is withdrawing troops from the Border with Ukraine, The French side believes that this would be a “positive sign” that would show signs of de-escalation and prove that the resumption of dialogue is correct.German Foreign Minister Berberk, who was visiting Spain on the same day, said that it is now Russia’s turn to take very concrete steps such as withdrawing troops to ease the situation.Belbock said it would be a good sign if Russia did move to withdraw some of its troops.Source: CCTV4 “China News” The China Media Group Mandarin Global Program Center new media producer/Yang Xiuwen editor/Wang Ran editor/Wang Ofu END world wonderful in the grasp of continuous attention!

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