Cover comment | post-90s hair transplant main force, industry evaluation standards should be established as soon as possible

Statistics show that in China, the number of hair loss groups under 30 years old accounts for 69.8% of the total, among which the largest proportion is young people between 26 and 30 years old, up to 41.9%.More than 250 million people in China suffer from hair loss, with one out of every six people losing their hair.To “save” less hair, many people are opting for hair transplants.At present, the post-90s generation has become the main force of hair transplant.Doctors say that not all people with hair loss are suitable for hair transplants and that regular checks should be done before hair transplants.In addition, due to the lack of quantitative methods to identify the survival rate of hair follicles, the hair transplant market urgently needs to develop industry standards.( Hairline anxiety is spreading among young people.A number of factors seem ready to explain this result.For example, staying up late, working overtime, too busy, too much pressure in the workplace, too unhealthy lifestyle.Although baldness is a part of every generation, it is clear that this generation of young people are more concerned about their hair and fear of losing it than ever before.Popular culture’s constant banter and narrow value bias that “appearance is justice” has, to a large extent, contributed to the massive consumption of hair transplants.Just as medical beauty is on the rise, hair transplants are increasingly becoming the answer for many people.In essence, hair transplants themselves are medical cosmetology.Compared with “body plastic surgery” and “facial plastic surgery”, the technology of hair transplant surgery is relatively mature and the risk of surgery is lower.Every this a variety of, make the personage that a few have trichomadesis trouble is eager to try.This default of “security” and “validity” affects consumption decisions to a considerable extent.Coupled with the overwhelming publicity of the relevant medical and beauty institutions, many people have full expectations of “hair transplant”.However, from the actual situation, many young people hair transplant effect, is very unsatisfactory.Seller show and buyer show, they’re two different things.Feel cheated, but there is a bitter can not say.The thorniest problem is that there is a lack of quantitative measures to assess the effectiveness of hair transplants, especially to measure hair follicle survival.Medical beauty organizations insist that “the operation was successful”, and consumers are often powerless to refute, many can only consider themselves unlucky.At present, the young people born in the 1990s have become the main force of hair transplant, but the industry standards of hair transplant market are still lacking.As a result, this market segment is intermingled and disorderly, with neither a good order of survival of the fittest nor a scientific standard for postoperative evaluation.This objectively makes it more of a marketing driven industry than a technology driven one.If hairline anxiety can be alleviated by hair transplant, how can “hair transplant anxiety” be alleviated?

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