Eric Chu promoted the “three Arrows of youth” to ensure the nomination of blue camp political newcomers to the municipal council

The Kuomintang (KMT) today (16 days) approved the nomination of candidates for the municipal assembly elections in Taiwan, in order to encourage young people and newcomers to take part in politics, as it prepares for the nine-in-one elections at the end of this year.Party chairman Eric Chu launched the “three Arrows of youth”, and actively counted the seats of 22 counties and cities with local constituencies, striving to maximize the number of seats, ensuring the number of young people, and actively nominated outstanding new candidates to run for election.At the same time, the weighted proportion of young freshmen in the poll is at an all-time high, doubling at the highest level, and the experience of election campaigns is passed on by incumbents in a mentoring system.Last week, the KMT central committee approved the method of nominating candidates for the county and mayor elections, and set up a central election strategy committee. Huang Jianting, secretary general of the KMT, is responsible for consulting, coordinating and proposing candidates, and then the central election nomination Committee chaired by Eric Chu, chairman of the PARTY, will review the candidates and finally submit them to the central committee for approval.Chu said in the afternoon that the Central Election Nominating Committee and the Central Election Strategy Report would urge party members with experience as “mayors of municipalities directly under the central Government”, mayors of counties or mayors of cities to participate in the nomination, and then coordinate according to the method, so that the KMT united to fight the “nine-in-one” election.Comrades in the Party in difficult constituencies are willing to stand up and fight for the Party, which is appreciated and sincerely welcomed.In addition, the central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) today also announced the “special measures for the nomination of candidates for the 2022 municipal parliamentary elections”. Eric Chu stressed that the youth are the hope of the KMT, and the KMT will have no future without youth. It needs one baton after another, generation after generation.Chu stressed that active nomination for each constituency can be widely distributed, and each constituency will have a detailed calculation of the number of seats available and expand the number of nominations.Compared with the DEMOCRATIC Progressive Party and other political parties, the weight of young people and new people will reach a new record high, not only 20%, 30%, 50%, but also double at the highest, that is to say, increase by 100%, so that young friends have the opportunity to participate in the election at the end of the year.At the same time, chu pointed out, not only the nomination, but also the training of young people who want to run, the party central Committee will invite senior students with political experience to pass on their experience.He also said that he hoped that through the “three Arrows of youth”, he could cultivate more outstanding councillors of “municipalities directly under the Central Government”, councillors of counties and cities, representatives of citizens of towns and villages, and representatives of people at all levels. This is the hope of the KMT in the future, and also shows the society that the KMT attaches great importance to youth.(Lin Jingxian/Editor) # Taiwan # If you want to know more about Taiwan, follow the Strait Herald

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