Detailed form a complete set of policies clear people how to withdraw, how money to get jiangsu province enterprise workers basic endowment insurance implementation measures on March 1

The Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Jiangsu Province recently issued the Implementation Measures of Basic Endowment Insurance for Enterprise Employees in Jiangsu Province, detailing supporting policies such as insurance payment, transfer and continuation, retirement approval, and treatment receipt.The new measures will take effect on March 1.New “method” 35 in all, the retirement policy respect that everybody cares innovated to set defer retirement policy, clear classics oneself apply for, unit of choose and employ persons agrees, report person agency branch puts on record, ginseng protects personnel to be able to defer retirement, the time that postpones retirement is the shortest not less than one year.In join to protect pay cost respect, made clear newly entered worker pay cost standard, delay pay agency insurance cost period to deal with emeritus and transfer continue policy, delay pay policy to wait.Join for instance when personnel achieves formulary emeritus age, accumulative total capture expends fixed number of year of fixed number of year of lowest capture expends malcontent of national regulation, can apply for after prolong capture expends deal with emeritus formalities and get basic annuities by the month.As trans-regional employment is becoming more frequent, the new Measures make it clear that the insurance participants who move across provinces should go through the transfer and continuation procedures of the basic endowment insurance relationship according to the provisions.If the insured persons move across regions in Jiangsu Province, the basic endowment insurance fund will not be transferred, and the procedures of personal account consolidation and basic endowment insurance relationship change will be handled.The new “method” still provides, ginseng protects personnel to be able to maintain only primary endowment insurance relation only in the same period of time, keep at the same time multiple, want to give clear up;Still relevant and newest regulation according to the country, opened the census register restriction that personnel of inside and outside the province of flexible obtain employment joins to protect in obtain employment ground, expanded to join to protect scope further.Source: MY Su net editor: Xing Xiaoyi review: Xu Xiaodong

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