Xi ‘an issued 12 measures to continuously promote the improvement of small food workshops

February 18, the reporter learns from xi ‘an market regulator, a few days ago, the city issued by the “about promoting continuously improve food small workshops regulation action notice, to carry out the responsibility, strengthening service around three aspects, intensive development, launch 12 specific initiatives, promoting continuously improve food small workshops regulation action, small workshops to further standardize city food production and operation,We will improve management, effectively prevent and control food safety risks, and ensure the bottom line of safety.Strengthen the supervision and inspection frequency to crack down on all kinds of illegal behavior Small workshops in accordance with the food sanitation standard “requirement, the city will continue to perfect the regulations for the administration of food small workshops, strengthen management, to carry out the incoming inspection, show me the ticket system, standardize processing records, standing book sales records, adhere to the implementation of” one vote on “sales requirements, to ensure food quality and safety;Strictly implement the Supervision and Management Measures for Small Food Workshops in Shaanxi Province. The city will sort out and analyze the food safety situation of small food workshops, rely on grid supervision, establish a working mechanism with clear responsibilities and division of labor to protect food safety.At the same time, the city will focus on meat products, edible oil, white wine, rice and flour products, soybean products, cakes and other key varieties, with farmers’ markets, urban and rural areas, campus surrounding, and main and secondary streets of towns as key areas, to further strengthen the frequency and intensity of supervision and inspection.Food small workshops strictly according to the shaanxi province administrative regulations on risk and credit rating requirements, determine the risk grade food small mill, small workshops and normalized food “double random inspection, flight check and inspection check, make food small workshops risk rating not less than 95%, supervision and sampling inspection coverage above 95%,Unqualified food post-processing rate reached 100%.The city will severely crack down on all kinds of illegal activities.Small workshops that produce substandard food using food additives beyond the scope and limit will be investigated and dealt with in accordance with the law.We will crack down on workshops that intentionally use non-edible substances to process food, produce fake and shoddy food, and process illegal food.Those suspected of committing crimes will be promptly transferred to the public security organs…Through cracking down on counterfeits and treating inferiority, we strive to create a market environment of fair competition and further improve the overall development level of food small workshop industry.‍ lead the development of food small workshops for upgrading in terms of strengthening food safety consciousness, zhuhai will through publicity and education, regular training, improve the small workshops responsibility consciousness, legal consciousness and the management level, ensure the production processing place meets the requirements, food raw materials procurement, production and processing process control, from personnel of course of management to effectively implement the management system.The city will also improve the production and processing management level of small food workshops from six aspects of “information disclosure, management system, processing environment, health management, process control and production records”.To take measures to help and assist small food workshops to actively update facilities and equipment, improve production and processing conditions, further standardize food packaging and labeling, strict storage management and sales management, and actively encourage food quality and safety, production capacity gradually increased, constantly expanding small food workshops to transform and upgrade into food production enterprises.According to the Notice, the city will actively implement the production commitment licensing system for small food workshops, optimize the licensing process, simplify the licensing process for small food workshops to the maximum, and improve the licensing efficiency;We will continue to promote the construction and leading activities of demonstration units of small food workshops and centralized demonstration parks of small food workshops, and strive to build “small but special, small but refined, small but beautiful” small food workshops, leading and promoting the comprehensive development of small food workshops by taking points and aspects into account.According to the notice, the city will combine the rural revitalization strategy to actively cultivate small food workshop brands with shaanxi local characteristics, strengthen the awareness of trademarks, provide technical support and policy services in brand construction and development, and stimulate the vitality of brand creation.Encourage small workshops of local characteristic food to participate in rural tourism activities, and constantly increase the influence of local characteristic food.The city will establish a protection mechanism for traditional skills and intangible cultural heritage, encourage and guide small workshops of local traditional food in Shaanxi to actively apply for representative projects and inheritors of intangible cultural heritage, and support and help small workshops of intangible cultural heritage to participate in various publicity and exhibition activities.Actively cultivate small workshops of intangible cultural heritage food with high market share, good product quality, strong cultural atmosphere, high social reputation and traditional skills.At the same time, the city will continue to improve the credit files of small food workshops, through the information system to open the licensing management of small food workshops, daily supervision and inspection, supervision and sampling inspection and illegal behavior, credit rating and other situations, accept social supervision.Consumers are encouraged to complain and report illegal acts of small food workshops, and gradually form a social atmosphere in which those who keep their promises are welcomed by consumers and those with bad credit records are restricted everywhere.

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