After 11 teams finished taking makeup photos, Xiao Hai was thrown on his back by his former teammates, and the spring competition entered the ten-day countdown

According to the social media of each PCL club, eleven teams have taken make-up photos so far, they are: MCG, 4AM, PeRo, CTG, TL, GFY, IFTY, Tianpa, 17, DDT and NH.These teams have taken their make-up photos, which means that they will definitely participate in the 2022pcl spring competition. In addition, their make-up photos also reveal the members of these teams.Then we will analyze their competitors one by one according to their strengths.PeRo and NH team, the first one S level of the two teams in this position you should have nothing to be in question, from the perspective of the social media of NH they still just gave four pictures, big players played before cup “favors” substitute didn’t appear, if the spring racing NH team did not surprise the four men will always fight.People even more, PeRo side lionkk also at the scene of the shooting to put down a small, small or a pair of repeatedly to him, in the early generation of world champion friendship is so deep, just the two people have to pay attention to the kidneys, Marco also appeared on the scene so he should also be in the squad, the team the most uncertain is pockmarked,Every day and golden beans beans mixed together the main force position did not, of course, this is just a joke, if the league does not limit the number of words Yang team will definitely report up.Next are the a-level teams 4AM, 17, Tianba, GFY and MCG.Putting 4AM and 17 on the same level will definitely cause some people to disagree, no matter the fans of 4AM or Team 17. However, regardless of personal feelings, there is not a big difference between the two teams in terms of strength.17 team has nothing to say about the original team, 4AM four main forces must be in, xiao Hai is also in the scene and the little lion show “wrestling”, so he must be in the big list, the only uncertain is Long Zongquan, recently the dragon son training game playing a lot of should be in the list.MCG side in addition to the original muzili, tank, Summer, zero also added a Wang Peng.GFY team Astro Boy, Rambo, 911, Long Dragon, Giao brother are all there, basically unchanged.Timberwolves announced their squad ahead of time, with Lin Shu, 77, Cui71, Mingzi and Sugar.Passers-by and Ma Meili this season transformation behind the scenes.Finally, CTG, TL, IFTY and DDT are the B teams. If you put these four teams together, some IFTY fans are probably starting to spit, but don’t worry and finish the analysis. Although there are eight IFTY teams, how many people can be used?Second, IFTY has a variety of systems, including MAPS from LYG, Cubs from TL, and the second team led by Bo Liang. Up to now, IFTY has not determined a fixed system, and the one who plays well will play.Therefore, they may not be as good as the other three teams in terms of stability. No matter how strong the unstable members of a team are, even if they lose chicken in a certain game or get a big score, their success cannot be used for reference and cannot be copied. Therefore, they are ranked at GRADE B in terms of stability.Of course, there is a high probability that this prediction will be slapped in the face, but this is the case.CTG and TL did not change much in terms of personnel, but DDT did have a notable player “Maxi”, who was the core of FTG team before. After FTG was demoted, he was accepted by DDT after moving from team to team. Besides him, DDT team also had 61, Blood Demon and COLd119, which could be considered as a B team.

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