Alert!During the critical period of prevention and control, unlicensed doctors were investigated for committing crimes against the wind

On January 13, a novel coronavirus nucleic acid positive case was found in Zhongshan. Zhongshan Municipal Health Supervision Institute (hereinafter referred to as “Zhongshan Municipal Health Supervision”) responded promptly, fully rolled out the prevention and control of the epidemic in the city’s medical institutions and intensified the inspection of illegal medical practices.All violations of laws and regulations affecting epidemic prevention and control, such as ignoring the grim situation of the epidemic, lack of medical qualifications, and irregular medical practices, will be severely punished, with no leniency or leniency.On the afternoon of January 15, the inspection team of Zhongshan Health Supervision and Medical institution carried out the supervision and inspection of epidemic prevention and control work of private medical institutions in various towns and streets. They found a “doctor” receiving patients in a house in the east street, and a number of people were “waiting for treatment”.After preliminary investigation, the “doctor” did not obtain the doctor qualification certificate, etc., the health supervisor issued a notice of Order to correct on the spot, and ordered the “unlicensed doctor” to immediately stop all diagnosis and treatment activities, and at the same time, the drugs involved in the first registration and preservation.At present, the case has been transferred to the east district comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau for investigation.▲ On January 17, the inspection team of More than ten tanzhou town has been found to have illegal practice of medicine places to “look back”, the relevant personnel in the place to remind education and legal publicity.During this period, a new Chinese herbal medicine sales place was found, which was suspected of misleading people to seek medical treatment. The place did not obtain the “Medical Institution practice License”, but a large number of false medical propaganda was posted outside the place, and a variety of Chinese medicines and a number of “prescriptions” were stored inside.The health supervisor immediately sealed up the place, and the relevant personnel suspected of illegal medical practice in the place to tanzhou town health supervision to follow up.At this critical period of epidemic prevention and control, Zhongshan Health Supervision Will further urge medical institutions to implement epidemic prevention and control measures, effectively reduce medical and health safety risks, continue to strengthen the fight against illegal medical practice, and effectively protect the health rights and interests of the people.It reminds us that “black clinics” pose great potential safety risks to people’s life and health, and are prone to concealment, spread and spread of the epidemic, which has become a loophole in epidemic prevention and control.For the safety of you and your family, please visit regular medical institutions and make joint efforts to strictly observe the safety line of epidemic prevention and control.Source: Guangdong Health Supervision, Zhongshan Health Supervision Institute

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