Don’t just focus on the “civil servant”, these three iron job should not be missed, college students to relax their vision

When students find that their dreams do not translate into reality, it is especially important to choose a stable job.In college students’ mind, the best job is more money and less trouble, more holidays and less working hours, but such a comfortable working life is rare.But in numerous trades, have such job really, just enter oneself for an examination difficulty is very big, that is — civil servant.Many people say that it is not easy to work as a civil servant, so why do so many college students choose this job?In fact, the main reason is that the cost performance of the civil service job is very high, basically can meet people’s fantasy of work.Nowadays, the development of private enterprises is also very unstable, and the average life of small and medium-sized enterprises is only four or five years. In addition, there are nearly ten million college students entering the society every year. If they do not find a stable career, they are likely to be suddenly eliminated by the society.But in fact, in addition to civil servants, college students have to broaden their vision, not only limited to one place, the following three iron jobs should not be missed.In addition to civil servants, there are also many college students who will focus on state-owned enterprises, which are also guaranteed rice bowls. Some state-owned enterprises can be said to offer much better welfare than civil servants, among which China Tobacco is an example.As the only monopoly industry in China, The development of China tobacco has been very good, at the same time, there is a great demand for talents, whether civilian positions, sales, development positions are in certain demand.And tobacco employee welfare treatment is also very popular in China, general class post, the general office of the salary can be in between 100000 and 150000, while the business post up to around 200000, maybe even more, five social insurance and one housing fund is also very complete, the work is not hard, basically will not work overtime, annual leave, the end of share out bonus is envy letting a person.Although the process of learning medicine is very difficult, as long as you become a doctor, you can enjoy a lot of benefits, and your social status is very high, which is also the reason why people compete to learn medicine.There are many kinds of doctors. Some doctors may work hard, such as those specializing in clinical medicine, but some doctors are not only well paid, but also relaxed, and generally do not have to worry about unemployment.So the career of doctor is also a very good choice.The difficulty of the lawyer wanted to be a lawyer is not smaller than a doctor, but also is a very popular profession in society, as long as we can got a lawyer this threshold, is basically don’t have to worry about the future development, also belong to the “iron rice bowl” work, many lawyers are more in demand as they get older, earning millions are possible.And lawyers have busy time, also have relaxed time, as long as we know how to arrange their own time, the rest time of lawyers is very long.Each stable work, require students to pay more hard work though the iron rice bowl has great attractive to students, but want to get this kind of work, students need to work hard to, for many state-owned enterprises or civil servants, in selecting talents will certainly merit, so students need to constantly improve their strength, and is likely to get this kind of work.Of course, everyone’s life is in their own hands, in addition to these jobs, there are many jobs are also very stable, has a relatively good development, so in the choice of work, students still need to make choices according to the actual situation of the individual, do not go with the flow too.Continuous efforts, continuous learning can also make everyone unanimously get the iron rice bowl, many times after graduation college students think that they have learned enough knowledge, but in fact in addition to the knowledge on the textbook, there are a lot of things to learn.College students want to improve myself, need to keep learning Chinese has a old saying “never too old to learn”, the meaning of this sentence is very important, is not to say that we only need in learning when I was a child, even old also need to learn all kinds of new things, such as the old man was now need to learn how to do the subway, on the Internet, and so on.So everyone needs to constantly learning, to be able to better survive in society, so learning is very important to everybody, at work, students need to learn social, also the ability to communicate with people, and professional knowledge and practical operation is a big difference, so after graduating from college students need to learn how to humble, more like consult others,To become better at your job.Therefore, to improve yourself, learning is absolutely the most important thing, but learning can not completely rely on others, always ask others for some simple questions, will make people impatient, learn how to learn by yourself is also a very important thing.Today’s topic: What kind of job do you think is “iron rice bowl”?

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