How to achieve ielts sub-score from 5 to 7.5 in 4 weeks?

How to beat the IELTS exam may be confusing for many students, but with the right approach, you can easily do it!In this issue, WE invite Wang, an alumnus of THE SAF Overseas Study Foundation, to share her ielts preparation experience and what improvements she has made in English during her current study visit to Berkeley.The first time I took IELTS was in the summer vacation of my freshman year. It took me about 3-4 weeks to prepare and I got a total score of 7.Because I know THAT I want to complete an overseas exchange during university, so the preparation of language scores is essential.During the journey of self-learning IELTS, I also have some small lessons to share with you. Next, I am going to talk about the preparation of IELTS from the two aspects of mentality and ability.Listening and reading listening and reading has always been a strong part of Chinese students, these two parts I suggest you: listening: pay attention to the fine listening WHEN I just started the model test, listening is only about 5 points, later use the fine listening method, the final listening is 7.5.You should choose one or two passage (s) for each passage you have made many mistakes.Take out a piece of white paper and start to write down each sentence you hear.If you don’t, mark it and move on to the next sentence.When the whole listening listening is finished, and then to the text of the answer, summed up why they did not hear this place.There are the following possible reasons: First, I do not know the word;2. Although I know this word, my brain cannot respond to it because my ears are not familiar with the pronunciation of the word.Third, reading too fast, including some linking, reduction skills.I can’t think straight because I’m not familiar with these techniques.So after all these steps, I will pull the progress bar to the place WHERE I can’t hear, and play it repeatedly, so that my brain can get familiar with the pronunciation of the word or the pronunciation of the link.And after that, write down the wrong points in your book.By the time I had written a few, I found that my brain was increasingly able to articulate articulate every word, and my overall sense of language had improved.About reading, I think it’s important to remember the time for each simulation as if it were an exam. If you can’t finish it, you can’t finish it.This creates a sense of urgency for time and improves focus.I am easily distracted myself, and I suffer from it every time I read.So, every time I start reading, I give myself a mental cue, take a few deep breaths, and then tell myself to stay focused for the next one hour.After having such a sense of ritual, I feel that I can really focus a lot.As for the improvement of oral English and writing, I think in China, we still need to rely on long-term accumulation.But since it is an exam there are always some tips to pay attention to.Writing I am the big composition and small composition of all types of topics and high score essay writing ideas have been analyzed.Once you understand the framework of each type of problem, you need to do some practical work to recover the framework in practice so that you can really master it.At the beginning of 2022, I participated in the visiting study program of SAF Overseas Study Foundation at university of California, Berkeley. After more than a month of living in the United States, I could obviously feel my progress in speaking and writing.Writing THIS semester, I have chosen Academic Writing for Multilingual Students, which is an Academic Writing course specially designed for non-native English Students.So far, we have completed two academically related papers. During this process, we will learn about the writing thinking of Native English speakers and their choice of words and sentences. At the same time, we will discuss with classmates after class to correct and learn from each other.In addition, many courses also require students to submit essays, and writing skills can be improved invisibly in the process of reading and writing essays.I like speaking in the course of cross-culture Communication very much. I live in an off-campus house in Berkeley that is similar to dorm for students.Here, I know many American students, we will study together, eat together, chat together.At the same time, I also communicate with my friends in the badminton club.Many people say that my spoken English is much more fluent than when I arrived.In my spare time, I visited Yosemite National Park with Housemates from Japan and India. In my opinion, IELTS is not only a proof of Your English ability, but also a stepping stone. After working on it, you will find more possibilities in life!I hope my preparation experience can be helpful to “test ducks”!So that’s how to go from 5 to 7.5 in 4 weeks.Is introduced.Ace Learning, your education planner, provides free ielts courses throughout the country, quickly understand the details of fees, rankings, campus address.

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