Municipal Market Supervision Administration: Sampling inspection of edible agricultural products to ensure “vegetable basket”

On March 24, Sayybagh Supervision Office of Korla Market Supervision Bureau and Guangzhou Radio and Television Measurement and Testing Center jointly carried out the supervision and sampling of edible agricultural and sideline products in the area, comprehensively mastered the quality and safety status of edible agricultural products in the area, strengthened the supervision of food safety in the circulation link, and timely found the hidden dangers of food safety.We will ensure the safety of the “vegetable basket” of the people in the jurisdiction, so that the people can eat with confidence, peace of mind and comfort.The sampling inspection, market supervision bureau adhere to the rational and scientific, fine and efficient food sampling principle, focused, hierarchical sampling observation of various edible agricultural products safety work, mainly around the masses attention on the market is high, the consumption of bean sprouts, spinach, eggplant, hot pepper, ginger and other fruits and vegetables class monitor sampling observation of agricultural and sideline products, with pesticide residues, microorganisms,Heavy metals, toxic and harmful substances and other indicators are the key testing items, spot check sealed samples and sent for inspection.Sampling at the same time, execute the law personnel also to food quality edible agricultural products operator safety publicity and education, to urge the operator to implement the system of inspection records of goods, show me the ticket system, it is forbidden to unknown channel purchase of agricultural products, shall not be illegal use of additives preservation anticorrosive, fight additive preservation anticorrosive safety index to exceed bid, improves the enterprise food safety responsibility consciousness.Henceforth, korla and market administration will further increase the intensity of sampling observation, expand coverage for sampling, urge the consumption of agricultural and sideline products operators to perform good main body responsibility, discovered in the sampling of unqualified food, market supervision and administration of delivery inspection report in time, and in strict accordance with the supervision and sampling inspection unqualified food post-processing work regulations, carry out investigation and handling,Violations of laws and regulations will be dealt with strictly in accordance with the law, so as to ensure the quality of edible agricultural and sideline products for the people under the jurisdiction, and constantly improve the people’s sense of gain, happiness and security.(Correspondent Li Baoyu)

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