New Year walk grass-roots | like to see southern grape valley couplets new scene

“The first line: who is chess lianying formation, the second line: look at my stars everywhere” “the first line: Longshou uplifted over clilian waves, the second line: Tong silk pull and Ming jade light”…On February 5, the reporter walked into the southern Grape Gully of Dasongpo village, Tongmu Town, Zhongfang County, a series of exquisite and far-reaching couplets came into sight, every word and every word of the beautiful scenery of grape Gully.In 2019, the reporter was here in July. At that time, the reporter and the villagers shared the green “Portuguese Sea”, waiting for the harvest, and really experienced a poetic life under the grape trellises.More than two years past, the arrival of the Year of The Yin Tiger, the reporter found that the grape valley more add “charm”, every household clean, houses and villages everywhere in an orderly way, especially the new add couplets, not only added to the festival atmosphere, highlight the cultural heritage of the scenic spot, more confirmed the prosperity of the people’s life.See grape gully’s signboard star “centenarian vine”, hall door book “top: Huatang several generations of cane respect the old, second: stranger three thousand fruit honor king”.Look at the precious “century-old well” in the village, pavilion door post book “Upper: ancient well Yingying 100 years vicissitudes of life Yuan Qi Sheng, lower: Ling Spring Gurgling one estate Li Shu Xing more”.Then look at the village fragrant Hailian winery, the gate book “top: when the wine house scenery is not close to the mountain, bottom: wash your courage with the sea who can not recall the luminous cup”.”The Chinese county government for tongmu Grape ditch scenic spots, farmhouse presented couplets, beautiful writing, profound artistic conception, enhance the taste of the scenic spot, the people are very happy, the tourists love it very much.Rich farmer owner Liang Houfu said while wiping the couplets on the front door clean.See his couplet for “upper: in front of the tree MAO Fu Ze children, lower: ancestors qin De Zhao Sun and moon”.How realistic ah, in recent years, Zhongfang county to Tongmu town as the core, to create “China’s southern grape ditch”, with the development of industry, brand promotion, Tongmu town and surrounding towns formed nearly 20 thousand acres of “Portuguese sea”.The villagers get rich by planting grapes, and the common people extend the industrial chain by virtue of the beautiful scenery of grapes, open the “farm under the grape frame”, vigorously develop the economic cultivation of local chickens and ducks under the forest, etc., relying on hard work step by step towards a happy life.According to the introduction, Tongmu town has grape ditch and Hua Han Tea Garden two national 3A level scenic spots, are the national leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration point, provincial agricultural tourism demonstration point, provincial water conservancy scenic area, the cultural and tourism integration, agricultural and tourism integration as the focus and direction of development.In order to further enhance the taste of the scenic spot, increase the connotation of research, the Relevant departments of the Chinese county direct actively strive for funds, widely collect couplets, carefully designed styles, hire famous writers to write, a total of more than 30 exquisite couplets for the Puhai Corridor, Puhai rural music, Chinese tea garden presented.At the same time, the scenic area has been designed and installed a number of popular science education billboards, the content covers the popular agricultural knowledge, Chinese poetry, health and so on.(Reporter Li Qingqing correspondent Teng Jiuhui)

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