In view of “large and small”, Qingyuan focuses on the deployment of special rectification

To strike a balance between development and security, we will pay close attention to the “ten mechanisms” and get through the “last mile” of implementation.On March 31, the municipal Security Commission held the third press conference.At the scene, the public security and traffic police department reported the recent road traffic safety management work, especially focusing on the source management of key groups, and continuously consolidating the improvement effect of “one large and one small”.In addition, the traffic police department is also on the upcoming Qingming Festival travel situation.At the press conference, the traffic police department reported 2 typical cases, among which a heavy semi tractor overload case is worth paying attention to.It is reported that in February this year, British and German traffic police seized a heavy semitrailer tractor on National Highway 358, which was loaded with large machinery and exceeded the approved load weight by more than 30 percent.In addition to punishing drivers according to laws and regulations, Yinggerman traffic police reported the information step by step, and Qingyuan Public Security Bureau sorted out the relevant information and reported to the Municipal Transport Bureau.In close cooperation, the city transportation bureau successfully inverted to find the source, and according to law to instigate the vehicle driver over the limit of transport goods Zhao mou fine 10000 yuan.It has become a powerful measure for the city to do a good job in the source management of key groups and implement the social supervision mechanism.According to reports, as of March 29, has interviewed the city’s illegal ranking of the top five dangerous chemical transport enterprises 15, and will be 55 enterprises copy to the transportation department, continue to strengthen the key vehicle source supervision, pressing the main responsibility of enterprises, guard the safety of production red line.In all kinds of road traffic accidents, motorcycle electric vehicles and freight vehicles accounted for a relatively high proportion of accidents. In view of the “large and small”, the city’s public security and traffic police department also focused on the deployment of freight vehicles and motorcycle electric special rectification work.In the “big” field: since this year, the city has investigated and dealt with 4983 truck key illegal cases, a total of 25 dangerous chemical transport enterprises were checked, and there was no accident involving the death of dangerous chemical transport vehicles.In the fifth round of “100-day campaign” just concluded, 970 trucks of freight forwarding enterprises were strongly encouraged to install monitoring equipment for blind spot on the right side of trucks to reduce the occurrence of truck-related traffic accidents.In terms of “small” aspects: on the basis of the continuous implementation of motorcycle motorcycle household registration management, the whole city carried out motorcycle motorcycle motorcycle helmet action. Motorcycle motorcycle merchants carried out “sales with license plate”, promoted the application of “core license plate” or installed driving guards to reduce such illegal behaviors of vehicles.At the same time, pay close attention to takeaway delivery personnel and key groups of students, increase the deterrent effect of traffic violation punishment.Since the beginning of this year, the city has investigated and dealt with 6,510 cases of electricity violations, forming a normal situation of strict investigation, strict management and strict control.The city has also achieved phased results in systematically resolving and preventing road traffic safety risks.Data showed that from January to February, the number of road traffic accidents related to work safety in the city decreased by 26.67% year-on-year, and the number of deaths decreased by 27.27% year-on-year.According to the reporter’s question, qingyuan City public Security Bureau traffic police detachment relevant person in charge of the reply, “by the customs of ancestor worship, free passage of the highway, the increase in spring outing and other factors, is expected to usher in a wave of travel peak during the Qingming Festival.”Based on the traffic characteristics of qingming Festival in the past three years, it is predicted that the expressway sections prone to congestion are mainly concentrated in qingxin section of Xu-Guang Expressway and Ying-Germany section of Lean-Guang Expressway during travel peak and return peak periods, while the local roads are mainly concentrated in rural mountainous areas.In order to achieve safe and smooth travel, in addition to assessing and predicting traffic flow in advance, the traffic police department also implemented “one block one plan” and various emergency disposal plans for key sections to comprehensively improve the pertinence and effectiveness of traffic security work, especially for expressway control, which has been fully deployed.In addition, the traffic police will also work with relevant departments to focus on the investigation of traffic safety risks, focusing on the inspection of traffic safety facilities in dangerous sections such as sharp bends, long downhill slopes and high drops in scenic spots, and cleaning up potential sources in advance.At the same time, according to the characteristics of the traffic safety situation in rural areas and mountainous areas, we will strictly prevent key areas, focusing on rural areas, tourist attractions, mountainous areas and other surrounding roads, strengthen patrol and inspection, and strictly investigate key violations of laws.During the Tomb-sweeping Day, the traffic police department reminded the majority of car owners to travel at the wrong time and wrong peak at the same time, called to reduce the gathering, through participating in the Tomb-sweeping day online “cloud worship” activities, to achieve civilized worship.Qingyuan issued the original editorial title: “Targeting at the” large and small “, Qingyuan focuses on special rectification”

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