Junior high school mathematics inverse proportion function and quadratic function 45 minutes learning situation detection, share good problem good method

Share middle school math good problem good method.Today share a set of 60 minutes learning situation detection questions, involving the content is inverse proportional function and quadratic function, these two parts of the content is the focus of the math exam, but also difficult.Inverse proportional function, quadratic function learning situation detection inverse proportional function important knowledge points have inverse proportional (hyperbola) expression, graphics and properties.When K>0, the image passes through quadrant 1 and 3. In each quadrant, Y decreases as X increases. Special attention should be paid to the increments and decrement intervals.In addition, hyperbola is an axisymmetric graph and a center-symmetric graph, which is often used in solving problems.Inverse proportional function and parabola detection.The geometric meaning of K, the relationship between rectangles, right triangles and K, is very important, and will be covered in almost every exam.We want to master the mathematical horizontal shape of this part of the content, skilled conversion between area, between area and K value.There are questions like this in this set.Inverse function and a quadratic function learning test 2 quadratic function (parabolic) is a frequent visitor to test the finale mathematics questions, even basic is a firm’s finale, involves a lot of content, the last type is very much also, such as fixed point problem, the most value problem, problem of fixed value and so on, all need to practice more, master the law and the essence of the problem, problem solving skills and confidence.This paper is quite simple, the choice of questions are basic, for students with moderate or weak mathematical foundation.Inverse proportional function and quadratic function of the test 3 to see the handwritten version of the reference answers, and share a few good questions.The first choice question is the area and K value problem, this kind of problem usually has two ways, one is to set the coordinates of the point, the other is to directly find the area relationship, I used the second method, relatively simple and quick.The third question is the general drink horse problem, double moving point double symmetry, no difficulty.The fourth problem is the multi – conclusion problem of parabolic image.Reference answer one of the 7th problem the 8th problem is hyperbola seeks K value problem, each topic I listed two kinds of common methods to you, for your reference.These questions are relatively basic, and I’ll give you more difficult questions in the future.Number 10 is the basic parabola word problem.Refer to answer two.The 12th question is also a very basic parabolic synthesis question, the topic involves finding parabolic expression, general drink horse’s maximum value problem, the area maximum value problem.As for the maximum area of the third question, I still recommend the first method, which uses the horizontal width times the vertical height to represent the area of the triangle, and then uses the parabolic maximum formula to solve it.The second way to do it is to translate the line and use the discriminant of the roots, which is also good.Reference answer 3 explain again, because the distance is still relatively far, so this set of topics to choose is the basic version of the topic, later to deepen the difficulty, to share with you.

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