Maria Sharapova: the most beautiful figure on the tennis court, the strength and beauty of the tennis legend

Sometimes, the word “legend” means not only the athletes’ achievements on the field, but also the athletes’ continued impact on society in different ways off the field.Therefore, these legendary athletes, whether retired or not, are part of everyone’s memory and live on in everyone’s heart, and Sharapova is one of the athletes who deserves the word legend.Sharapova was introduced to tennis at the age of four through her father and Yuri Yutkin, her first coach.Later, at the age of six, Sharapova followed her father to Florida to take tennis lessons run by Martina Navratilova.At the time, Navratilova suggested that Sharapova’s family should put her through long, professional tennis training, so they took her from Russia to start a new life in the United States, even though they were not fluent in English and did not come from a well-off family.In 2002, at the age of 14, Sharapova reached the Junior final of the Australian Open, becoming the youngest woman in the history of Australian Open junior finals.Sharapova’s first wimbledon appearance was in the round of 16 in 2003, when she defeated top 20 player Jelena Dokic.Sure enough, when Sharapova tried again at Wimbledon the following year at age 17, she beat Williams, then the world No. 10 and top seed, to become the third youngest champion ever.From then on, the world began to know the name of Maria Sharapova and will always remember it.Since wimbledon in 2004, Sharapova has become the focus of tennis every time she meets Williams.”Serena represents the height and limits of my career,” Sharapova wrote in her autobiography “Head On.” “We were always at odds with each other.Every time I go into a game against her, IT’s with fear and respect.I burst on to the world stage by beating her at Wimbledon when I was 17, but from that point on she was the last person I wanted to play against.I’ve beaten every player who’s beaten her, but beating Serena is almost an impossible task for me.Sharapova won the French Open in 2012 and 2014, the US Open in 2006 and the Australian Open in 2008, and has won all four Grand Slam titles in her career.Sharapova also won 36 WTA singles titles during her 19-year career and a silver medal at the 2012 London Olympics.As for the world No. 1 backseat, Sharapova has held it five times since 2005 for 21 weeks, becoming the first Russian to hold the no. 1 ranking.However, the road to tennis has not been easy for the talented girl with both strength and good looks.Sharapova tested positive for the banned drug Meldonium in 2016.According to Sharapova, she had been taking meldonium on her family doctor’s prescription since 2006, as she suffered from occasional ill health and irregular heart rhythms.Sharapova was initially banned for two years by the ITF, but the suspension was later reduced to 15 months through appeal, but it is hard to deny that her absence from the court, apart from making her look strange, has also been a major turning point in her life.During her 15-month absence, Sharapova tried to expand her expertise outside of the sport, taking refresher courses at Harvard Business School and visiting NBA headquarters, and applying what she learned in Sugarpova, a candy line she launched in 2012.In addition, Sharapova’s beautiful appearance, also let her outside the court to obtain considerable income and endorsement, and she has been ranked by Forbes as the world’s most profitable female athletes for 11 consecutive years.For this reason, the name Sharapova is familiar to many people, even if they are not involved in sports and do not watch tennis.”Tennis introduced me to the world and made me who I am.No matter what happens next in my life, I will keep moving forward and growing.This time, it’s really goodbye to tennis.”On February 26, 2020, Sharapova announced her retirement from tennis.The decision, perhaps sudden, was not surprising.Sharapova, who returned to the court after a doping ban, tried to return to the top, but her performance has been up and down due to repeated injuries, and finally made her decide to end her tennis career.Now, the name Sharapova may conjure up images of her achievements and loud shouts on the court. Some may conjure up images of her appearance and talent, but whatever her appearance, these are her most attractive symbols and a legendary chapter in tennis history.

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