Shenzhen evening report | play the role of “bellwether”, Shenzhen Longgang Baolong Street to promote litigation source governance for the people

Do what the people need.In recent years, Baolong Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen City has adhered to and developed the “Fengqiao experience” in the new era, taken positive measures to do a good job in the “second half of people’s mediation” work, carried out litigation source governance, and effectively played the important role of people’s mediation as the “first line of defense” in maintaining social harmony and stability.In 2021, Longgang District Justice Bureau will select people’s mediators with rich experience in community mediation, high social prestige and strong affinity to establish personal mediation studios. In the same year, 3 community personal mediation rooms and 3 featured mediation rooms will be built.Longgang District Justice Bureau has also set up a model and copied and promoted the work experience of the excellent zhongge Mediation Room, steadily improving the level of people’s mediation in the district, and better solving problems for the people.In the past year, 7 mediation studios of Baolong Sub-district have mediated 267 cases of various disputes, with a success rate of 94.75%, demonstrating the leading role of excellent people’s mediators.At the same time, Longgang District Justice Bureau has set up a mediation team consisting of community brand mediators as professional forces, representatives of people’s congresses, industry representatives, psychological consultants and so on.The system will be implemented to ensure that mediators are “chosen by the masses”, mediation methods are “chosen by the masses”, and mediation results are “evaluated by the masses”.All the community brand mediators have been settled in the “code ban” comprehensive service platform of Street Ping An Construction. In 2021, they have received consultation and appointment for conflicts and disputes from the masses for 15 times, with 2 successful appointments for offline mediation.The mediation team of one expert team and seven representatives received 643 petitions, 43 community orders, and 467 related consultations from the public through ping An Construction’s comprehensive service platform. The dispute resolution rate on the platform reached 94.55%.Gather resources to resolve disputes, and introduce the “code office” of “Shenzhen Mobile Micro Court”, “Small law housekeeper”, “online judicial confirmation system” and other information platforms to realize online mediation and judicial confirmation, and maximize the connection between litigation and people’s mediation.In June 2021, Baolong Sub-district Judicial Office and Longgang District People’s Court set up a “Baolong Workstation” to send judges to grassroots level to conduct litigation source governance and strengthen legal publicity, reconciliation and dispute guidance.Since its establishment, the workstation has handled 5 judicial confirmation cases, guided mediation in 93 cases, and the parties directly came to the door to request mediation in 3 cases to provide a more powerful guarantee for resolving disputes at the grass-roots level, realizing that conflicts are not submitted.Create a mediation training school, promote the level of people’s mediation In addition, the justice of longgang district, set up the people’s mediation training school in the streets, innovation explore “expert mediators + brand” combination of teaching mode, through combing classic case, editing the teaching materials, please brand mediator, mediation expert lectures, overall arrangement of streets, community staff training in rotation,We will further improve the level of community-level mediation.According to statistics, since 2021, The Longgang District Justice Bureau has organized three training lectures for people’s mediators, inviting judges, lawyers, psychological counseling teachers and other professional forces to participate in them, helping to improve the capacity of grass-roots people’s mediators, and further giving play to the positive role of people’s mediation in the diverse resolution mechanism of grass-roots conflicts and disputes.Shenzhen Evening News reporter Yi Xiaohong reporter Zeng Wangyu he Meiting statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will deal with it in time.Email address:

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