Agricultural materials should precede the time of farming

The area of spring sowing grain accounts for more than half of the whole year, which plays an important role in grain production.It is of great importance to prepare enough spring ploughing materials and ensure that seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and other agricultural materials reach villages and stores in time.Spring has just passed, it is the key season of spring ploughing preparation.On the premise of epidemic prevention and control, local supply and marketing cooperatives have stepped up transportation and reserves, and have all kinds of agricultural products ready for spring ploughing and sowing.Farmers are busy buying seeds and fertilizers, agricultural materials sales points have entered the peak season, and spring ploughing preparations around the country are advancing steadily and orderly.Editor Yubei chongqing – – prepare good seed to be sown in spring wang Xinyue reporter “corn seeds 15 yuan, 25 yuan, 40 yuan, which do you want?”In Tongjing Town, Yubei District, Chongqing, li Lianhe, the shop owner, picks up the goods on the shelf behind him and gives them to farmers.”There is also this brand of rice seeds, 65 yuan per kilogram, resistant to heat and cold, the rice is also very delicious.”In Li Lianhe’s shop, vegetables, corn and rice seeds are neatly arranged.Temperature rise, farmers began to prepare for spring farming production, to buy farmers in an endless stream.”I’ll take three packets of corn and one packet of rice, and I’ll take the varieties you recommend.”Villager Wang Yongguang is tong Jing town peace village person, usually work in the urban area, spring ploughing season, specially return to the countryside to do farm work, “I also want to point agricultural film, after spring afraid of temperature is not enough, can give me directly to the head of the land?””Call me and drive you there.”Lee United promised to be crisp.”Is this rice you recommend waxy?” asked Duan Fengwen, a resident of Yuhua village in Tongjing, as he stood hesitantly in front of Li Lianhe’s stall.”If you want waxy, you’re better for this one. It’s more expensive.”Li Lianhe took another seed from the shelf behind him and handed it to the farmer, “This one is adaptable, no matter planted in deep paddy fields, or dry dam fields are good, and the quality is good with waxy.””That I buy 2 packages of seeds, in addition to 8 packages of fertilizer and 4 barrels of herbicide, I also want to deliver goods to your door!””Said Duan Fengwen.On the other hand, Lee wrote down the sales information on the seed sales register and said, Let me know when the time comes, and I promise to send it to your home.This year, considering the needs of epidemic prevention and control, Li Lianhe not only sold agricultural products by phone, wechat and other online forms, but also promised to deliver agricultural products to farmers’ homes to facilitate their preparation for farming.Taking advantage of the spare time, Li united returned to the back room inventory, corn seed stock 260 kilograms, rice seed stock 300 kilograms, but also feel unsafe.Li called Huang Shuangqi, the head of Qiancun Plant Protection Cooperative in Yubei District. “I still want to purchase from you. Is your stock enough?””We bought 25 tons of corn seeds, 9 tons of rice seeds and 800 kilograms of vegetable seeds. We will purchase more according to demand.”Huang shuangqi’s cooperative is also equipped with special vehicles to deliver agricultural materials to sales points and farmers.Pan Jianhua, director of yubei Agricultural technology extension Station, told reporters that in order to protect farmers’ needs, up to now, Yubei has organized the transfer of rice seeds back to 30,000 kilograms, 65,000 kilograms of corn seeds, to meet the needs of the local spring sowing.Huichang, Jiangxi — Yang Yanfei, a reporter from The agricultural materials distribution network, drove out of her yard with a car loaded with fertilizer, its engine roaring.Wen Fanglin, a supply and marketing service point operator in Yanhu Village, Huichang County, Ganzhou city, Jiangxi Province, set out as usual as soon as he got the call.”Good shoots make good fruit!”Fruit farmer Hu Zhaodi, holding a hoe, dug up the earth under the navel orange tree, shovel by shovel to fertilize the fruit tree, “I call, Xiao Wen will send fertilizer up.”Wen Fanglin, 32, graduated from Ganzhou Agricultural School. In addition to the distribution of agricultural materials, he will also give farmers some basic technical guidance.As he spoke, an orange truck passed in front of him, which was printed with four characters “Supply and marketing”.”This is the shuttle bus of the county supply and marketing association, which will come to our supply and marketing service points every day to deliver agricultural materials.””Wen fanglin said.Huichang county, located in the southeast of the Yangtze River, is a traditional agricultural county. Navel oranges are grown on the mountain and rice is grown on the mountain.”The climate here allows for double cropping rice.”Yang Huanan, a big grain farmer in Xijiang Town, returned to the countryside in 2016 to farm and transferred 800 mu of land. “Now, planting grain can enjoy a number of policy subsidies, and I want to grow more grain.”Every May is the peak season for early rice fertilizer, Yang Huanan said, “MY 800 mu of rice a season needs about 48 tons of fertilizer, as long as I call, the county supply and marketing cooperative will drive me to the designated location, very convenient!”In order to better serve farmers from county to village, The Supply and Marketing Cooperative of Huichang County has built an agricultural supplies distribution network covering 19 towns and townships in the county, including 102 village-level agricultural supplies service stations. Every day, eight vehicles travel between counties and townships to provide agricultural supplies distribution and other services benefiting farmers.Farming time waits for no man.He Pingfeng, head of the Huichang County Supply and Marketing Service Center, said, “Through the intensive distribution network of agricultural materials, farmers can have access to fertilizer, so we have built large warehouses to expand the storage capacity of agricultural materials.Last July, huichang county supply and Marketing Cooperative invested 15 million yuan to build a service center for benefiting farmers, including two commercial chemical fertilizer reserves.In order to meet the need to store fertilizer for spring farming this year, the local construction plan has been adjusted, focusing on the construction of one of them first.A truck loaded with 33 tons of fertilizer pulled into the warehouse and was being unloaded orderly on a conveyor belt.”Now there are more than 3,000 tonnes in the warehouse and the agricultural materials are still coming…” he said, pointing to the order on his mobile phone.People’s Daily (February 11, 2022, 15th edition) (Editor: Zhou Qianwen, Zhang Jun) Share so that more people can see

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