Mengyin County Mengshan Middle School held a staff meeting

Spring to Mengshan flowers like brocade, folded dongfeng first branch.On February 16, 2022, our school held a working meeting for all staff members. Principal Ji Wanli, Vice principal of Teaching Sun Xiaochuan and Vice Principal of Moral Education Zhang Chi attended the meeting.All faculty and staff unite their thinking, build consensus, build on past achievements and forge ahead, and do a good job in the opening of the spring semester in 2022 to promote the overall improvement of school education.Meeting the first speech by President ji, ji principal communicate learning about “four one” the education system and thorough going efforts to promote safety production rectification action work plan for three years and communicate and arrange the work plan for county bureau of combination, from students drowning prevention safety, food safety, school drinking water safety, traffic safety, epidemic prevention and control comprehensively expounded,All the staff are required to establish safety awareness, guard the bottom line of safety, and ensure the realization of the goal of zero accidents in school safety throughout the year.Subsequently, Principal Ji also around the teacher ethics, characteristic development, routine inspection, school management, responsibility awareness and other aspects of the emphasis and requirements, requiring all staff closely around the school characteristic development goals and efforts;To implement routine, strengthen inspection, the work to do fine and solid;To strengthen the school management, improve the school management level;Teaching staff to strengthen their self-cultivation, and constantly enhance the sense of responsibility.Meeting of the second xu, xu pointed out that the new semester all teachers earnestly implement strengthen ethics education, pay attention to the words and deeds in their daily lives, regulate the behavior of their own, in the teaching process, improve the ability of preparing, strictly grasp the basic knowledge, practice topic selection problem, strengthening the teaching process, to carry out the public class listen to each mechanism, strict on operation quality, and improve the mechanism of teacher evaluation.The third meeting by the president Zhang speech, President Zhang pointed out that the new semester all teachers to seriously implement the teacher ethics education, the full implementation of the school management system, strengthen the safety of occupational awareness, strengthen the daily life management of students, pay attention to the students’ opinions, strengthen the teacher on duty inspection implementation.In the end, Principal Ji made a summary speech, asking the whole school to cheer up, face up to the shortcomings, unity, energy, renew ideas, forge ahead, with a new attitude, to create new glory mengshan Middle school.

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