Quarantined in Hangzhou, I saw that “masks are not worn anywhere in the UK”…

“Source: | Big bowl ID: Superbowl77” Jambo, my friend.The familiar hello, the familiar recipe, the familiar wild finance blogger, is back.Yes, I was quarantined in Hangzhou due to an outbreak.Quarantined in Hangzhou, I want to pick up some dry goods for you.It was fine when it came. It’s gone.Three days ago, one positive case was found in Hangzhou.So far, hangzhou has reported 44 local cases, and the virus may have spread to the third generation.Among them, many cases involved the annual party, red and white affairs, as well as the biggest rival in the prevention of major cities – chess and card rooms.As a traveler with a star, I spent almost a day — first, like a combat advisor, circling the maps in detail the words “Medium-risk Zone”, “containment zone”, “control Zone” and “prevention Zone”;Like a petty thief caught in a bag, he carefully recalled whether he had been in any of these areas in the past 14 days;Then, like a courting girl, she made dozens of phone calls to the hometown prevention and control Office that seemed to never get through, and discussed a series of academic issues such as “2+14”, “7+7” and “14+7” with the community elder sister in her hometown.And then like a persistent paparazzi, lying on the micro-blog squatted guard all the way from Hangzhou, let them run a drug circle to try poison.Finally, I got the answer – it’s too cold to go back.We will screen out all possible cases as quickly as possible, make containment decisions in a timely manner, and categorize and isolate all people from affected areas.Dynamic zero-out is the underpinning of China’s anti-epidemic policy.China to the left, Europe and America to the right.Just as Hangzhou was rallying the city against Omicron, the British made an announcement.– Most coronavirus restrictions lifted in England for the Novel Coronavirus.– People do not need to wear masks anywhere, nor do they need to present health certificates to enter crowded places.I do not lose the British, and lay down thoroughly.After Britain, the 27 countries of the European Union announced: full unblocking.- From 1 February, people who have been vaccinated, have a recovery certificate or have a negative certificate can enter or leave the EU freely;– All entry restrictions and quarantine measures shall be lifted.Following the UK and the European Union, the US has announced that it will stop collecting COVID-19 data from February 2.In response to the global epidemic that has spread for two years, Europe and the United States have once again taken a completely opposite path to ours.So, here’s the problem!– Why did Europe and the US choose to “fully open up”?Many said it was a ploy.– Europe and the United States are reconciling with COVID-19 through Omicron rather than lying down.As the mainstream of the epidemic, Omicron is characterized by “fast transmission, low lung infection and low severe disease rate”.It spreads so fast, it’ll find everyone eventually;Anyway, the rate of severe illness is not high, infected with death, there will be antibodies.In that case, how about we give up our resistance completely, let ourselves and the people around us get infected with Omicron, get a new coronavirus, develop antibodies, herd immunity.As long as there are few severe cases, as long as the healthcare system doesn’t break down — think of it as a flu, and beat the virus with the virus.For a second, I thought it was a ploy.Later, I saw that there were more than 16 million positive cases of COVID-19 in the UK, one in four people.Denmark has accumulated more than 1.5 million COVID-19 positive cases, which is also one in four people.The CUMULATIVE number of POSITIVE COVID-19 cases in the US has exceeded 74 million, and the average daily increase in the past seven days has exceeded 1 million…You can see why “masks are not worn anywhere in the UK”.Anyway, if you are sick, why should you wear a mask?This is the equivalent of — everyone is in a cesspool, and you worry about other people’s shit.China will become a clean island.At this point, I don’t want to judge which is right or which is worse.To be honest, I don’t know.But no matter who is right, there is one outcome: China will become a clean island in a new global pandemic.China’s epidemic prevention measures are strictly preventive.– Eliminate every positive case to achieve dynamic zero clearance.The U.S. and Europe are giving up their defenses.– Eliminate every negative case and achieve universal immunization.Given the speed at which Omicron is spreading and the completely open prevention and control policies adopted by Europe and the United States at all costs, the number of new cases in Europe and the United States is often in the tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands or millions of miles.If nothing else, Europe and America will soon be close to “contagion”.At the same time, for those who have been vaccinated, omicron does not infect the lungs as easily as it did before, and the severe disease rate is not as high…This means that, even if the whole population is infected, there is a high probability that it will not affect the work, nor will it affect the large-scale resumption of production.This is where the problem comes in.In 2021, China took the lead in resuming work and production on a large scale, relying on targeted prevention and control policies of “dynamic zero-out”.At a time when investment and consumption growth have been sluggish, exports have pulled the economy up sharply.In 2021, China’s import and export volume hit a record high of us $6.05 trillion.Exports grew 29.9 percent and imports 30.1 percent, leaving a trade surplus of 676.43 billion U.S. dollars.Once Europe and the United States, relying on Omicron, achieve universal immunization with a low rate of severe illness, and initiate large-scale work resumption…Our export growth rate, high probability will accelerate down.Once export growth accelerates, the pressure on economic growth will increase again.Even more bullshit is coming.In 2021, the world will tighten border restrictions and stay at home to actively protect against COVID-19.Afraid of other people’s excrement, touch their own body.In 2022, once the entire population of Europe and the United States is infected and immunized, there is a high probability that the border will be gradually opened and open to the outside world on a large scale.Since all jumped into the cesspool, but also drowned not dead, then in the pit flopping.The question, again, is: Do you let go of the border?Will you open up to the outside world on a large scale?– Will you jump this pit?All you have to do is jump, all you have to do is play with them, and sooner or later you’ll smell a little.For example, in the current outbreak in Hangzhou, the earliest transmission source is most likely from coffee machines imported from Germany.Unless you stay away all the time, standing on the edge of the pit, never playing with anyone else.Standing on the edge of the pit, although the body does not smell, but also lost the joy of splashing with other small friends in the cesspool.Predictably, the pressure on steady growth next year is enormous.– Investment will be the biggest driver next year.To drive the economy, rely on the troika: investment, consumption and exports.Korea, which was the first to resume production in 2021, is moving forward with a shaky growth rate thanks to surging exports, sluggish consumption and shrinking investment.Even if exports were strong enough to run into the fourth quarter, growth in the fourth quarter slowed from 4.9% to 4% in 2021.Net exports contributed 26.4% to growth, investment growth remained weak and consumption growth continued to decline.In other words, the only exit of the troika that could go forward was the exit.As we mentioned earlier, once the entire population in Europe and the US is immunized with a very low rate of severe diseases, large-scale resumption of work and production, border opening and trade connectivity are launched, export growth will inevitably be shaken.In addition, we dare not directly jump into the pit, will indirectly increase the shock of export growth.Once exports start to wobble, the pressure on steady growth will inevitably sink to “investment and consumption”.Consumption is not something you can boost if you want to.– No money in hand, no confidence in the chest, even if you shout cut, I also dare not spend money in a disorderly way.In 2022, in the overall situation of stable growth, there is only one point that can replace exports and quickly boost the momentum — investment, especially investment in infrastructure.At the beginning of the New Year, senior officials directly called for “big infrastructure” : we should give priority to steady investment and moderately advance infrastructure investment to cope with the triple pressures of shrinking demand, supply shock and weakening expectations.As of January 10, at least 11 provinces and municipalities directly under the Central Government have organized kick-off activities for 2022 major projects, involving more than 5,000 major projects with a total investment of more than 3 trillion yuan.Infrastructure investment of 3 trillion yuan, nearly three times that of last year.Steady growth, large infrastructure projects, 3 trillion yuan, combined with a comprehensive reserve requirement ratio reduction, two comprehensive interest rate cuts half a month ago…What do you have in mind?2009 after the global financial crisis, 2020 after the COVID-19 outbreak!What happened at those two points in time?Year of monetary easing, year of infrastructure, year of assets!The rest, I don’t say, you know.At the end, the gourd boy asked me a question.Your judgment is very good, but it is based on an assumption — we still adhere to the policy of dynamic zero clearance, will not fully open, will not follow others to jump down.What if, I mean what if — what if we had universal access to the vaccine, and then we started gradually liberalizing, gradually lifting the ban, and moving towards universal immunization?And my answer is — you don’t have to worry about letting go, you have to worry about not letting go.In nature, the average Asian male is 7-9 cm long.If infected with COVID-19, the body loses 3.8 centimeters.Families that are not already well off are getting worse.Oh!Small!Research: word long: last | medium-length | next spiral disintegration: last | medium-length | research: the next city chongqing: a line of research analysis | | city policy analysis four shore | | liangjiang concentrated soil take hangzhou: early warning analysis | | market housing purchase status | new lottery trend from | ring of Beijing:The cpmpany (on) | | male Ann male Ann (bottom) | | | north three county yan jiao xianghe Shanghai: big hongqiao | | regulation policy to improve home buyers | five new city suzhou: xi ‘an urban development | | property market analysis industrial park: urban development | | to choose urban planning to raise Suggestions chengdu: chengdu business | | property market analysis of wuhan city plate:Analysis | wuhan and chongqing city of nanjing, the property market situation analysis of tianjin: | plate school district room | market long sleeve triangle: ningbo, wenzhou, yiwu | | | | in jiaxing nantong | taizhou bay area: investment logic (on) | | dongguan dongguan (under) | foshan other cities: shijiazhuang

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