Do a good job in the near future cold wave weather prevention and response work!Yunnan issued an emergency notice

In the next few days, many parts of Yunnan will be affected by strong cold air.The Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government attach great importance to this round of cold wave weather process. The main leaders of the Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government make important instructions to the prevention and response work and put forward clear requirements. In order to do a good job in the prevention and response work of the recent cold wave weather, the relevant matters are urgently notified as follows:From March 31 to April 2, a cold wave will occur in most parts of The province, with daily maximum temperatures dropping 14-18 degrees Celsius in northeast, central and eastern Yunnan, the notice said.There will be heavy rain (snow) in northwest and southwest Yunnan. From the evening of April 1 to the morning of April 2, Diqing, north of Lijiang and Zhaotong Middle East will turn from heavy rain to heavy snowstorm.Frost disaster will occur in the north of our province on April 3.Yunnan province on March 31, 2022 – April 2, the highest temperature drop forecast figure in yunnan province on March 31, 2022 – April 2, rain and snow forecast figure a, attaches great importance to the response to prevent cold weather regions and all departments concerned should attach great importance to the widespread cold rain and snow weather crops and could cause cold injury, livestock froze to frostbite, icy roads and other disasters,We must firmly establish the concept of putting people and life first, immediately study and make arrangements for prevention and response work, implement detailed responsibilities, ensure that the responsibility is personal, take effective measures, and do our best to protect the safety of people’s lives and property.2. Do a good job in preventing cold and freezing in agricultural Production The relevant departments in all regions should take timely measures to prevent cold and keep warm to minimize the harm caused by cold wave weather to agricultural production.Around to rice seedlings, the seedlings of flue-cured tobacco, such as cold frost work, yunnan, yunnan in the northeast, east yunnan, northwest yunnan province should strengthen the winter wheat, rape, vegetables, flowers, fruit trees such as low temperature protection, introduced the state to strengthen the work of subtropical crops, such as coffee and bananas, low temperature protection, northern region should to do a good job of strong frost cold antifreeze newborn piggy defense especially other animals.Ensuring the safety and smooth flow of transportation and electric power All relevant departments in all regions shall organize, formulate and implement various safety and preventive measures in a targeted manner.Departments of public security and transportation should strengthen road traffic safety management, strengthen patrol and inspection of accident-prone sections, and make every effort to ensure the safety and smooth flow of expressways and national and provincial trunk lines.Civil aviation, railway, electric power, communications, water and gas supply departments (units) should improve and refine their work plans for ensuring safety, strengthen safety inspections, and ensure safe and smooth operation.All relevant departments in all localities shall strictly implement the 24-hour on-duty and leadership shift system, ensure unimpeded communication and timely reporting of important emergencies.We should pay close attention to meteorological early warning and forecast information, strengthen targeted emergency preparedness, improve emergency work plans, and ensure immediate rescue and emergency response in the event of disasters and dangers.

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