Why do little Red Book bloggers like to read history?Reading history is really informative

Recently, I have been browsing little Red book, and suddenly I found that the bloggers of little Red Book have started to read history.Many bloggers put it this way: When a girl starts reading history, the pattern explodes!Girls must read history books, ruthlessly enhance the pattern;Girls should read more history so that they will not be easily cheated.Reading this history book, you will never know anything about Hanfu again.An insufferable history of China, I read it over breakfast.It has to be said that now more and more people begin to pay attention to history. There is a saying that “reading history makes one wise, while reading poetry makes one wise”.Indeed, culture five thousand years of Chinese civilization, has left a lot of mysterious color, are all those people who like to study history excavated, didn’t allow us to see the past cultures and civilizations, before, I also like to history, but the thought of back many dynasties and names, directly gives me a headache, and I also prefer to watch some relaxed a little knowledge of history,Rather than a rigid introduction.Are there any history books that are easy to read and informative?Also is there.Recently, I read the History of China in the Military written by the Cold Weapons Research Institute and wanted to stay up all night.When I saw the name of the author, I was speechless for a while, but when I read the introduction of the author, I realized that the author was actually very powerful.He started updating in 2014, and now has 5 million followers. He is a we-media specializing in military history. He also publishes books such as “War Incident Book”, “Atlas of Ancient Chinese Combat Weapons” and “History Through Lens”.The book, a History of China in the Military, consists of 10 chapters and 77 knowledge points, revealing the truth about military affairs in the past.01 Li Yu is actually a good emperor Du Mu’s poem “Bo Qinhuai” there is such a poem: “Business women do not know the hatred of the country, across the river still sing backyard flowers”, said du Mu satirized those like the Southern Tang Dynasty empress Li Yu, looking at the country has been destroyed, but also live a life of drunkish, melodies and dances.The impression left by this poem is that Li Yu was indeed a good poet, but he was not a good monarch. He liked poetry and lyrics, but he could not govern the country well. He was a hedonist.But after reading this book, we know that we are wrong about Li Yu. He is not only an excellent poet, but also a good monarch for the country and the people. During his reign, he has done a lot of practical things for the country and the people.When Li Yu was the emperor, he took over a mess, which was left to him by his father Li Jing and brother Li Hongyi.Speaking of Li Yu’s brother, that is actually to cover up his brother’s talent of the Lord, after all, in order to save life can only convergence of edge.Li Hongyi’s brother has outstanding talent, but he is very strong and ruthless.In order to succeed the throne, not only forced his father Li Jing to abolish the crown prince, but also poisoned Li Jingsui.The emperor was suspicious, and this emperor was brutal, with no room for sand in his eyes.Anyone familiar with history knows that if his brother is superior to him, he will endanger his throne, and that the brother of the emperor will have to keep his temper if he wants to live well.Li Yu was the same. In order to survive, he could only express his feelings in landscape, let his brother relax his vigilance, and let the world think that he did not seize the heart of the emperor.After Li Hongyi’s death, Li Yu’s talent for governing the country showed itself.He had strong political skills. For example, he sent ambassadors to the tribute and let Zhao Kuangyin release thousands of southern Tang soldiers who had been captured in the Huainan Campaign. They became an important force to resist the Northern Song.When there was a severe drought in the Southern Tang Dynasty, the northern Song dynasty obtained 100,000 stones of rice and wheat by skillful diplomatic means.He will also appoint talented people, pay attention to the fairness and fairness of talent selection.For the common people, he also ordered them to reduce taxes and remove corvee;There was not only economic reform, but also land reform.During his reign, Li Yu actually prolonged the existence of the Southern Tang dynasty rather than accelerated its demise.There must be a reason for the succession of a dynasty, and there are many other reasons, and the responsibility cannot be placed on only one person.I personally prefer to read ancient novels. In historical novels, in addition to the fascinating plots such as fights in harem, fights in officialdom, and struggles for power by emperors, there is another plot that makes people admire, that is, the “dead scholars” that they cultivate, and there is also the theory of “dark wei”.These people usually like invisible people, even a shadow can not see, but in the master of a signal, can quietly appear in front of the eyes.They are highly skilled in martial arts, and their duty is to protect their masters and ask for information.It really makes readers feel magical. Is there really such a powerful person in ancient times?Did they really come and go like historical novels, or did they do the decathlon?Originally, there were “dead men” in ancient times, but they were not so severe as described in the novel. They were just able to give up their lives without hesitation when the master needed them.For example, Jing Ke stabbed The Qin Jing ke, he is the yan crown prince Dan raise of the death.Prince Dan gave Jing ke the best treatment, want what to give what, want the beauty to the beauty, want the car to the car, so once he needs to work hard when, know clearly thorn hand is to die, still want to accept this task.In fact, the ancient dead men were not supernatural dragons, they just worked for big families.In this book, it is common knowledge that in ancient times there were frequent annexations of land, and of course it was impossible for the large families to cultivate the land themselves, so they kept a large number of servants to do the work.Forced into bankruptcy by slavery, taxes and usury, the peasants could only sell themselves as slaves to work for them.As long as a few strong men were selected from these servants, they were given weapons and given certain military training, and they were dead.Simply put, is some cornered people, suddenly give him food, clothing, housing these conditions, can become a death, can be in the critical moment to work for people.03 ancient times have “instant noodles” instant noodles for us, is already familiar with the food, overtime can come to a bucket, can come to a bucket, do not want to cook can come to a bucket.On the highway, entering the service area, the most familiar is the taste of instant noodles, those who do not want to eat in the service area, in order to save money, will be prepared in advance to eat instant noodles on the road.Why is it advocated as junk food while being liked by everyone?One of the main reasons is that there are so many different flavors to choose from, and the other is that it’s really convenient to eat with hot water and fill up.So we always think instant noodles is a great invention that solves so many problems.I used to think that this kind of food was invented by modern people, but in fact it was not. In ancient times, someone had already invented this kind of food.In ancient times, transportation was so underdeveloped that it would take most of a month to get from one place to another, and all food had to be brought along along the way.Food is a big problem for ordinary people when they travel, let alone when they are on the battlefield.How to ensure that food is available and on time is also a problem for the general to consider.In Heyang, Shaanxi province, there is a kind of snack called Mini noodles, which is said to be a kind of instant noodles.When Han Xin attacked Bao, the king of Wei, he stationed his troops on the bank of the Yellow River. In order to solve the problem of not having enough time to cook, Han Xin ordered his generals to bake flour into pancakes and then cut them into long strips. When they needed to eat, they could roll them down in a pot of boiling water.This is the prototype of instant noodles.Every effort was made to improve eating habits so that soldiers could get a quick meal on the battlefield.And that’s all very well explained in the book.04 reading history, really can expand knowledge to people can know gains and losses, history as a mirror can know xing for.History has passed, but the truth it left behind can still be used today, those historical laws, no matter when it is a cycle, understand history, study history, know China’s ins and out, can better understand China.This book “The History of China in the Military” selected some famous events in history, for many historical white people to do a knowledge literacy, is really a good book.In this book, there is a lot of historical knowledge that subvert common ideas. The author has fluent writing, detailed information and excellent historical knowledge, and presents readers with a different view of history.

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